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San Marino CKX internals identification

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  • San Marino CKX internals identification

    Hi All,

    Long time lurker first time poster.

    This is my San Marino CKX, it was my upgrade from a La Cimbali Domus classic.

    The machine works fine, but I took the back off last night and was hoping someone could give me an explanation/trouble shoot for some of what I found.

    There is a small brass attachment on the bottom of the boiler which has been leaking. There is some corrosion around and on this piece, the leak seems to have been slow and seems to have been occurring for a long time. What does this piece of brass do? I have looked at schematics of similar boilers but cannot identify it.. anyone know how to fix it? tGRJAZ9VaEHVW9D1abF-dAIeKubIpJxC8A

    Also, there is a switch on the internal part of the machine, between the chassis and the exterior stainless steel. There is substantial wiring going to this switch but most notably it is connected to the low water sensor (although someone had disconnected it?). I figure this is for switching between tank or external plumbing to bypass the low water sensor? or not?

    Finally, there is an indicator light on the front of the machine, i thought this was for low water, but it comes on randomly when the pump refills the boiler, so what exactly does the light indicate?

    Cheers guys!!

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    Seems to be a problem with your link to the first and third pictures.


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        From the image that we can see it looks like you're missing a copper tube that runs up along the boiler from the base 'T' connection, connects to another 'T' (1/8th inch BSB) at the top of the boiler and ends up in a pressure gauge at the front of the machine. Easily verified: do you have a pressure gauge? Does it work?


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          Yep, pretty sure that line goes to the pressure gauge. T fitting at top goes to steam valve and pressure stat (I believe they're MA-TER pstats). Yes on spade connections to four pole rocker switch: select between mains and reservoir water supply. Red light usually indicates heating element on. If it's intermittent you may have a corroded or loose wire connector; failing relay; failing pstat.


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            I am still struggling with these photos, they're either too big or don't work! Ill try again later.

            It does have a pressure gauge, it is connected straight to the same fitting as the steam wand from the top of the boiler, I this this little T connection is a blank, and it was just loose and leaking for some reason, maybe someone didn't put it on properly. I think perhaps it could be for checking boiler pressure externally.

            I pulled out the multimeter yesterday and yes, its for switching between mains and tank. However, now the float in the tank isn't floating ->new problem

            The light, was tripped by the low water sensor or the heating element on, I think its working ok now. I was worried before because the machine was switched to external water supply but using the tank, bypassing the cut out for low water, so when the water was low, nothing was happening.

            So all questions have been answered. Thankyou

            My new question is, how do I tell if my boiler is leaking around my heating element? Should there be any corrosion/scale around here from normal use? Because I have a little of both.


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              One model of this machine used that T connection to run a tube directly to the p gauge. Obviously this unit has been modified or didn't utilise that method. If it's leaky I suggest removing the T and buying a new plug for the boiler.

              Ideally, there should never be any corrosion or scale around the heating element externals. You might need a new gasket.