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    Hi Snobs,

    I am very new to this but I have been reading your posts for a few years now. The main reason I am writing this is because I have been looking for a new machine to upgrade from my Rancilio Silvia, and one kept popping up in conversations with some roasters I know, the SAB Nobel. Now, I have looked on the internet for reviews or any comments on the machine but I have not been able to find any. So what did I do I just went out and bought one and I love it so I'm going to share.

    I have to start and say I bought mine off of display and i didn't get that brand new open the box smell but who cares it doesn't affect the coffee. It also came with a bonus SAB Junior Grinder.

    *Just a disclaimer, these specifications are what have been to told to me by wholesalers. I have not pulled the machine apart but when I do I will update the post if there is any discrepancies.

    Machine: SAB Nobel (1GR Nobel Auto)
    Price: $1900-2300
    Type: Heat Exchange (2.5L Boiler) - (Some have said dual boiler, ill update when I pull it apart)
    Water Tank: 3L (Also can be plumbed in for both drain and water intake)
    Group Head Size: E61
    Modes: 4 Volumetric settings, 1 Manual button, Hot water outlet.

    Here we go;
    What it comes with:
    - Machine
    - 2 Portafilters - One single and one double.
    - Single basket 7gm, Double 14gm and one Blind.
    - Braided water hose
    - Drain Hose

    The Machine is well built, no sharp edges, nice and clean lines large LED backlit controls. The rep at the wholesalers that I went to, to talk about the machine said that the button print can sometimes rub off with extended use, but it is an easy swap of a part when it occurs.
    It is heavy which is expected. The buttons have a nice feel to them and the portafilter moves nicely into the 6 o'clock position in the group head.
    Two hole steam wand, E61 Grouphead, Hot Water nozzle. And a small pressure gauge on the front of the machine to tell you when it is up to pressure.

    So I have set this machine up and I have to say apart from having to make a phone call after not seeing a power cord (because the power cord was curled up under the drip tray) It was quite an easy machine to set up. Filled up the 3L tank with water, opened the steam nozzle to let air out of the system as it fills up with water and turned the unit on. It took about 15 minutes for the machine to fill the tank and heat up, I flushed the system and it was good to go.

    Not hard to use at all. I don't play with the volumetrics as coming from the Rancilio Silvia I have never had the need to use them (Ill update this when I do get around to it), so I went straight into extracting my first shot. One button press the letter P and coffee comes out, press P again and it stops. The noise while extracting is not overly loud but what you would expect from a coffee machine. So far extraction after extraction is very consistent.
    Steaming Milk:
    One turn of the tap and you get about 1/4 of a second of water/condensation then steam. I love this part it was like steaming milk on a Wega Polaris. To have this in the home is amazing for people that want the ability to replicate good milk at home. Any machine that can do what this does is a great investment. My only downside is a personal preference Id rather a 3 hole steam wand, but you can purchase one if you wish, you just unscrew the 2 hole tip and replace it with the 3 hole.

    As a step up from the Silvia I am astounded for the price that I paid I now have a machine that is replicating the coffee that I used to wish I could have at home. It is easy to use and easy to clean (as most are) for a good price. For someone that is looking to get something that is going to take them from something small like a Silvia or a high end Breville or Sunbeam to a machine that can consistently smash out really good extractions this would be a great machine to get.
    I wish that when I was looking at this machine I had someone to tell me what it was like to use and how great this machine is. It took me 3 months to finally bite the bullet and just get it but I am so glad I did.

    If anyone has any questions on this machine I am more than happy to answer them. I apologise if I have missed anything here as I said I'm a first time poster. Hopefully this post helps others looking at this machine.


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    My Dad attended a barista course and they used this machine. I had never heard of it but apparently they were raving about it. Thanks for the post.


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      Stampy, I'm using the same machine and loving it! Really impressed by its quick warm-up time too (about 10-15 minutes to full pressure depending on ambient temp.)

      Here's some pics of mine:


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        Nice looking machine Stampy, must say have not heard of the brand name before, did a bit of research they are Italian made and look to be nicely put together.

        One point, they say "Group Head Size: E61" its not an E61 group head which means like a Silvia it takes a 58mm portafilter, same as a E61 machine, the SAB Sabina is their E61 machine priced at around $2600.


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          Dear SAB Nobel owners,

          These days I bought a second hand SAB Nobel espresso machine. It looks fine and really heats up very fast.

          I want to check if the machine came with it's factory settings In this regard, would you please share with me two things:

          1. What is the pressure switch on - off cycle? Is it 0.8 - 1 bar or it is different?

          2. What is the pump pressure against portafilter with mannometer? Is it 13 bar or different?

          Thank you very much!