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Secondhand Vibiemme Domobar Super - Brew Gauge Query

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  • Secondhand Vibiemme Domobar Super - Brew Gauge Query

    Hi there folks,

    I have recently purchased a secondhand VBM Domobar Super manual lever HX (2009 model). The gentleman I purchased it from stated that the machine had been serviced less than 12 months ago. It's been a rather large step up from an EM7000 to say the least...

    Everything seems to work brilliantly on the machine, but I somehow failed to notice upon purchasing the machine that the Brew gauge is not 'zeroed' correctly. It rests at around 2.5 on the gauge, even when the machine is off. When pulling a shot, it spikes to around 11.5-12.5, the difference between the two figures being about 9 which is where the manual proclaims that it should be during extraction.

    Here's an image: Vibiemme Domobar Super Brew Gauge - Imgur - for reference, the machine is OFF here. It sits in the same position when the machine is on as well.

    Does anyone have any experience with such issues? Is this something to be alarmed at? It's just bugging me, and the manual has been useless in providing answers.

    Any advice you could render would be most appreciated.

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    Welcome Raun,

    The system pressure gauge will frequently show some pressure- normal.

    If you're seeing 11.5-12.5 bar, I suspect that the original seller of the machine didn't test it. The OPV needs to be set. It's a 10-15 min job for a tech with a Scace device. I'm surprised it wasn't attended to when it was serviced...



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      Where does it sit if you flush the group with no PF attached.


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        It doesn't move at all when doing a flush with no portafilter.


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          If I purge the group head (of Giotto V3) with or w/o the portafilter, it moves from 0 to 3 every time.


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            Actually I have a similar question for fellow CS users who could help problem solve...

            I have a VBM Junior and have just had the brew pressure gauge start to behave what I think is a bit strangely and wonder if anyone could point me as to the reason why?

            It slowly creeps up to somewhere between 4-6 bar when the machine is sitting idle. When I do a flush with no portafilter in place, it drops immediately to 2 bar before quickly rising to around 5 bar. When pulling a shot/using a blind filter it runs at about 11 bar and then when finished it just sits at the same level, requiring me to pull the lever again when finished to release the pressure (before it slowly builds again while idle). I don't remember this being normal? (I'm fairly certain that when finishing pulling a shot and when running a flush that the pressure was somewhere close to 0, or at least very low).

            Is there a chance that I may have done something when either I pulled the mushroom out to check for scale or when the machine ran low of water?
            A couple of nights ago I gave the mushroom a bit of a clean, scraping off the few bits of scale that had built up and even tried getting inside where the mushroom sits to scrape the walls a little. I put it back and used it yesterday without noticing anything different. This morning though, I was woken by a loud pumping/buzzing/rattle (the machine is on timer) where I ran to find the tank was low on water and it was struggling to pull it through properly. I immediately turned the machine off, filled the tank and then back on again where it began to heat up and throughout the day have noticed the pressure gauge. I have also struggled to make any decent coffees today which could be coincidence but I'm worried something might be wrong.

            Does anyone have any ideas if this gauge behaviour is normal, and if not, what could be causing it/what I might need to do to fix it?


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              The Domobar Super HX manual (which came with my Junior) says to ignore the brew pressure gauge at all times other than when pulling a shot. I have not monitored the gauge too carefully outside of brewing, but I think it moves around a little as described above.

              To dhanderson1 in #6, perhaps some air has been drawn into the system when the tank was too low (or when opening bits up)? My (Domobar Super HX) manual that came with the Junior describes a simple re-priming procedure. I think that applies to the Junior, too, although I've not had the need to try it. I say "think" because it's the Super HX manual, and this bit is titled "Re-priming the DB pump" which is referring to dual boilers (ie not HX model) - but I think you could still suck air into the Junior and need to reprime. All that said, I'd expect a poorly primed pump to be obvious on attempted use - very low or sputtery flow??