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Lelit PL60T V2 and Compak K3 Touch

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  • Lelit PL60T V2 and Compak K3 Touch

    I spent a couple of hours yesterday helping a friend get his extraction technique right for his relatively new Lelit PL60T V2 dual boiler and Compak K3 Touch. Fortunately he walked away feeling very confident in his equipment and his new technique. A couple of points I thought were interesting:
    1. We checked brew temp using a Scace 1 - the PL60T produced very consistent intrashot temps varying less than a degree each time. There was a significant offset though, so we ended up having to programme in a target temp of 90*C to get 92.5*C brew temp;
    2. I'd never used a K3 Touch before and was very impressed with extraction quality. My friend likes to single dose (i.e. weigh out his beans then pop that into the hopper) and it seemed to work just fine using the grinder this way.

    In summary, this combination appears to produce high quality results on a pretty tight budget.

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    The offset can easily be adjusted via PID programming sequence.
    As the displayed "brew temp" is simply "boiler temp" minus "offset value"

    but you need to make sure the machine is at full operating temp/ stabilised after at least 30 minutes


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      Got it... I didn't know how to access the PID variables so we just settled on changing the brew temp. I got the impression that the machine stabilises quite quickly as the group head is not exposed.


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        Get the owner to contact the dealer/ service agent.
        they can tweak it for him.