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Expobar EB61 ? Can be Plumbed In?

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  • Expobar EB61 ? Can be Plumbed In?


    I have recently bought this above machine and chose the non-plumbed in model as a kitchen upgrade was 2 - 3 years into the future.
    Circumstances change and the kitchen renovation will be soon allowing a machine to be plumbed in.
    Is there any sort of modification available to convert a machine such as mine to be plumbed in?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yes- it can be done.

    The plumb upgrade requires the installation of a few bits including a rotary pump and motor. You do lose the tank on this machine, so once plumbed, it's for good.

    It will cost though. I think the importer charges about $600.

    As competent tech should also be able to do this- but don't let a dodgy one plumb a the original vibe pump. It needs to be replaced to do the job right.

    If you're in Melbourne, you could to a whole lot worse than to contact our resident sponsor Rick Bond aka The Coffee Machinist

    Good luck with the upgrade.