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Promac Club badly leaking from Anti Vac

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  • Promac Club badly leaking from Anti Vac

    Need some help here guys, I've got a Promac Club Me that is leaking from the anti vac valve. I've read all previous posts on this fault and cleaned all parts with no change. I ve got a gut feeling it's the computer /touch panel. All is fine until I turn the boiler on then at it heats up out it comes. Also I think the water level is way to high as once it reaches temp water also come out of the safety pressure valve?
    Any ideas?


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    Is it steam leaking or water leaking out? Water should never get that high unless there is a fault. If steam is leaking try replacing the o-ring on the antivac


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      You said something is leaking from the anti vac valve. STEAM or WATER?

      It is normal to have steam spitting from the anti vacuum valve while the machine warms up and when it reaches operating pressure and the valve seats, that should stop.

      There are lots of people chasing their tails in forums learning how to dismantle the things when in fact if the valve is worn, no service provider would waste that kind of time trying to rectify something that wont (rectify).... If it continues to leak steam, have someone replace the valve with a new one.

      Water coming from either the anti vac OR safety valves is an entirely separate issue and indicates there is a problem somewhere in the boiler fill circuit. A repairer will check the simple stuff first, before proceeding to the expensive stuff that may be the cause. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES dismantle the safety valve.

      Espresso machines are ELECTRO mechanical mixed with plumbing and can therefore be seriously detrimental to your health, so you should seriously consider having a professional repairer work on these/this problem rather than attempting anything yourself.
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