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  • Rocket Giotto Plus + K3 from Talk_Coffee

    oops has it been a year already?!

    I've been lurking for a few years, after doing a barista class in Melbourne, trying to decide which machine to get, as the pressure built to buy as more and more purchased coffees got thrown away for tasting like crap. Eventually, based on reading LOTS of coffeesnobs messages on what to looking for when buying, I had a broad idea of what I wanted. Next up was a trip to Melbourne where I could actually see and taste the machines in action - so that I KNEW that the machine was capable of producing good coffee even if I wasn't!

    Chris from Talk_Coffee talked me through the bench machines, and we tasted coffee from a few of the likely candidates and finally the choice came down to two machines: the Rocket and ....(i think) the domobar jr. The 2nd machine had a bigger drip tray and everything else I wanted but was very boxy in looks. I really didn't want to suffer upgraditis in the foreseeable future, so I chose the more stylish of the two, the Rocket.

    4 cappucinos and 2 short blacks /day - must be able to make good coffee and good foam
    Upper budget $3000 (would have preferred $2500) for machine and grinder
    good steam/froth capability - preferably in conjunction with pulling shot
    enough tank capacity so I wasn't refilling for every coffee
    Wand rotation good , not fussed on cool touch
    Decent capacity drip tray
    Grinder = Compak K3p, great balance between price and performance

    After a year, I'm still loving my rocket, it does everything I ask of it. It's performed at parties and even travelled to the coast for an extra long weekend because I couldn't face having to drink bad coffee (even with a lot still to learn I make better coffee that anything I've had to buy)....and I really enjoyed the coffee bean subscription from Talk_coffee. So exciting to taste each month's delivery!

    Thanks Chris!
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