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$3000 budget for coffee maker and grinder......which one?

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  • $3000 budget for coffee maker and grinder......which one?

    Hi everyone. Complete newbie to this site. It's awesome.
    There are troves and troves of great suggestions and ideas within this entire forum.
    What I want to know though is peoples ideas on what they would buy with a budget!! There are sooooooooo many coffee machines and grinders. Which one??!!!
    If you had $3000 to throw at the idea, what would you buy?? A new kitchen is going in and I'm going to go the whole hog!

    This is my wish list.....

    Water plumbed in
    New machines (not overly handy and hate down time)

    Will be making roughly 10 coffees a day.

    Would really appreciate some advice.

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    Hi Jaskat and welcome.

    Our Buying Guide- Espresso machines | Talk Coffee might help get you started.

    Thereafter, it comes down to the nuances between the good machines and then choosing the one you'd like to live with!

    Happy shopping



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      Hi and welcome

      Yours is one of the most common questions asked here and there are lots of considerations. My ideas and tastes might not suit yours. You would also be considering appearance as well as function. For your budget many here would suggest a machine + grinder comb. A plumbed in machine usually suggests commercial grade so the machine is going to cost you $3K or more alone.

      The other common suggestion is to visit one of our sponsors to get good advice for your needs. I would look look through the sponsors in the section near the bottom of this page to see what the machines might look like. Use the quote form if you wish but be prepared to up your budget. Don't shy away from second hand equipment that has been well maintained. Sponsors may be able to help with that too.


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        Hi Jaskat I just picked up a VBM Domobar Jnr and Mini Mazzer in the last few weeks for under your budget and it's an awesome pair!! Brilliant coffee and equipment that will make great coffee for a long time (aS long as fresh good beans)!! It's not plumbed but as mentioned if u want to go down the plumbed in line it will blow your budget! My Jnr isn't really that bad not being plumbed in.

        As suggested look up sponsors in state where you live & go check them out or call.

        Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so have a look around!


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          I was going to tell you about my Duetto and Compak but I think the best advice is for you to visit your near retailers to see what they can offer you. We all have our personal likes/dislikes and they may not suit your style or even how it looks. There are several to choose from but the sponsors here are better placed to advise whether your budget is realistic for a plumbed in machine as the few I know are beyond what you've set.

          I know you said 'new' but will you consider a second hand grinder at least with replacing the burrs. This will save you heaps.