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  • Do I have GAS?

    Hi All,

    I started my coffee journey on this site a few years ago when I used it to check reviews for the Breville BES900. Recently it broke when it would no longer reach the right pressure. I had it under one of those care plan things so I was given the chance to get store credit for the purchase price.

    I love roasting, drinking and extracting coffee and tasting the subtle nuances of each changed variable.

    Now that the thought of buying another coffee machine has arisen I started to look around for something else. After a lot of research I feel like the Vibiemme Domobar Junior will satisfy my requirements nicely.

    My question is, should I go through the trouble of buying the BES920 only to sell it and then buy the Domobar Jnr? Is there a big advantage in doing so? Or do I just keep the BES920?


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    Hi Johnno,

    I have no experience of the BES920, but if you search in the forums I think there is quite a lot of mention of the Breville dual boiler system(s).

    I did recently (2 weeks ago) get the Domobar Junior. Absolutely wonderful machine in every way so far. I did consider some models such as the Breville but in the end decided that the extra several hundred was worth it for a very much respected machine which will likely outlast several generations of the other systems! I don't regret the decision at all so far, and don't expect to. Anyway, check out the site sponsors and see if you are close to one that sells machines - they often have demo systems setup for you to experience in store.



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      Thanks Gavin, I only recently started using the BES900 for about 2 coffees a day so it hadn't had much use. I'd prefer to get something that with proper maintenance will last longer then ~2.5 years before it needs replacement parts.


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        Morning Johnno, with a little owner TLC most of the premium Italian machines will still be giving good service long after an appliance has become landfill.


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          Hello and welcome Johnno,

          My BES900 is over three years old, working like new and is nowhere near landfill.

          The Vibiemme Domobar Junior looks to be a good machine. It would want to be as it sells for close to double the price of the Breville BES920.

          O rings are easily fixed on the BES900 and I don’t think they fail on the BES920.

          Use what machine you will be happy with and enjoy your coffee. I do.

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            Go any E61 machine and you'll NEVER regret owning it.

            With practice your espresso experience will lift to another level...... providing the grinder and operator is up to it.


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              Hotshod, That will be 1% debatable and 99% true,

              Just my two cents ..