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Owner opinions VBM Junior v's Rocket Giotto PP V2

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  • Owner opinions VBM Junior v's Rocket Giotto PP V2

    Firstly I have searched countless posts and pages on the net and generally only see positive comments for both.

    As above, I'm in Adelaide and there are no shops who have the Vibiemme range "in stock" making decisions difficult.
    Have been looking online at both the VBM Junior HX and Rocket Giotto PP V2 (not V3 with PID as don't see the need for it and see it as just another electrical feature that could fail in the long run).

    Not being able to physically see/touch the VBM my main concern is if it will be too small for comfort, bench space is not an issue for me. Are there owner's out there that find the machine cramped or compromised due to the fairly narrow foot print?

    My only real concern with the Giotto is reports of surface rust where drip tray attaches, I am planning on keeping/maintaining this machine for a good 5-10years (is this unrealistic?).

    From what I can tell both machines will suit my purpose, E61, 2-4 milk based coffees per session, 2 sessions a day. Will likely pair with Compak K3 Touch.
    Generally speaking the Giotto is about $300-400 more, I am sure both make excellent/equivalent espresso's, IMO the Giotto "looks better" from pictures I've seen. Any positive OR negative opinions from people who have owned either machine??

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    I have a VBM junior. Definitely not cramped. The water tank and drip tray are the two "small" items, but for 4-8 cups a day, you'll only have to top it up once per day. I just fill it when I'm doing the daily backflush.

    They'd both make the same coffee in the end, so your decision should be based on size, aesthetics, etc.

    Keeping for 5-10 years? If well cared for, both should last at least that long


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      I have a VBM Junior matched with a K3 Push. If you want informed, passionate service try Christ at Talk Coffee. Using the e61 after my Silvia was a pleasant eye opener. Very happy with the VBM, bought so that it will be my last machine for at least the next ten years. Re the K3 Touch. You mentioned minimal electrical needs, eg the pid, my opinion is that the touch has no increased value over the push, I think the push is far better value at a lesser cost. Good luck the search can be a pleasure.


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        Thanks for you kind words Graeme.

        Whilst I love the idea of being some source of good advice, I don't aspire to be any Christ!

        I like the VBM as well. My chosen machine for the car boot if we are driving away for a weekend. It lacks a little design flair and the cool touch wands when compared to the Giotto. It kills it on drip tray capacity, stainless chassis and steam pressure. PID/SSR should in theory have longevity (so long as you don't drown them) over the pressurestat of the VBM, but pressurestat membranes are replaceable. Dead PIDs and SSRs get binned.

        The extra work that goes into Rocket design is the reason they're more exxy to manufacture and purchase. The plus V2 was discontinued many months ago. Nicho- you really can choose the one you like. I suspect you will struggle to find a new V2 unless you upgrade to the Evoluzione V2.




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          Hi Nicho

          I am a +4years owner of a VBM Jnr and very happy to date, do 3-5 cups a day and not a single problem! Lots of steam for milk and can do a good number of cups in a row when you have to.


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            I have a VBM junior purchased 3 years ago. Do 4 cups daily and never had a problem. I back flush daily and full clean every week. Never a problem. I use a K3 as well and now I am experienced I can dial it in quickly making minor adjustments as my coffee ages. That is not much never lasts beyond day 10 post roast. Nice small footprint and good looking combination.


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              Hi Nicho I'm also a proud owner of a VBM Jnr. Upgraded from a Silvia a few months ago, best thing I have ever done. I chose the Jnr, due to a few reasons size, $, quality, athletics and longevity. INHO the Jnr does it all in style, it's not too small a perfect size with my mini Mazzer. Personal preference is that I love the look on the Jnr over the Rocket. Quality of the coffe over the Silvia is great and there is HEAPs of steam!!


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                Here's my set up to compare sizes.

                Price was the other factor @ $400 cheaper for a machine that works just as good and looks gorgeous, easy answer.
                For price the VBM Domobar Super and Rocket are probably a better comparison.
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                  Thanks for everyone's replies...plenty of happy VBM Junior owners out there, none from the Giotto crowd it would seem on this site.

                  Thanks for the pic, it puts the size into perspective, I still think it looks small and narrow but obviously no one here has any complaints in that regard. Whilst I appreciate the Super is more price comparative to the Giotto, at over half a metre in depth it is simply too deep/long for me to consider.

                  Yes I am finding new PP V2 models scarce, but a few Aussie suppliers still have some stock albeit limited and has taken a few calls. Hmmm decisions decisions.


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                    The painted steel and small drip tray on the Giotto was a deal breaker... There are more models to consider in the price range depending on how flexible the budget is...

                    also the logo has gone to the drip tray in the newer vbm jnrs which I think makes it look better as it's less cluttered. I would use the money difference to get a better grinder or what about the ECM barista
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                      Originally posted by Nicho View Post
                      Thanks for everyone's replies...plenty of happy VBM Junior owners out there, none from the Giotto crowd it would seem on this site.
                      There are a heap of happy Giotto owners here and elsewhere around the world. A read though the relevant forums will deliver a truckload of testimonials.

                      The Rocket is the highest selling espresso machine in the country and not without good reason. Maybe the Giotto owners were all busy pulling shots.


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                        Hi Nicho,

                        " none from the Giotto crowd it would seem on this site." You are right. I read all the time people talking down both the machine & for that matter the grinder I have Don't know why, my kit gets harder use than most and has been both very robust and reliable. I don't know why V2 owners don't comment much.

                        My machine makes 10-12 cups/day, more when we have guests. I don't know what size comparison of drip trays is but at the volume you are talking you would empty it about once a week. Although they (any machine) get a bit slimy if you aren't a little more regular than that.
                        I bring it to the kids school once a year and push out about 80 or so coffees for teachers between 8 and 12. Great temperature and flavour consistency. The V2 is a solid machine. Looks pretty good too.


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                          Nicho, I had the first VBM Junior TC sold loved it. Now have a Evo V2 and prefer it to the VBM. I did not like the black chassis and the small drip tray. Run the silicone bead below the drip tray, plumbed the DT in and I would not go back. Whatever your prefer but if space is NOT an issue the Rockets' are great units


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                            Both machines are great in this price range having looked at both in person and it just becomes nitpicking at what you like and don't.