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Quickmill Anita - Niggly Issues or not?

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  • Quickmill Anita - Niggly Issues or not?

    My Anita just celebrated its 1yr anniversary on my benchtop, and shortly after that, I seem to have 2 issues begin to happen intermittently, with increasing frequency over the past week.

    1) Grouphead leakage around the portafilter during extraction or when backflushing. More during the former probably due to higher pressure. This is a problem as the water drips into my espresso. Have ensured no grounds on the rim of the basket when locking in pf, ensured a tight lock; tighter than I normally had to previously. Also removed seal and shower screen for a good wipe, seal seems to be in good nick, no cracks but for some reason the rubber bleeds black ink-like(?) substance when I run my finger over it. Can’t imagine that being good for anyone’s health when consumed.

    2) Idle steam wand seems to be leaking a puddle of water. Now I’m not sure if this is expected from steam wands hence why people normally pull the tip over the driptray when not in use. But I’ve only recently noticed the leak because I’ve never gotten into the good habit of doing so, yet never had a problem prior. I understand in colder seasons, condensation might be a cause and some water is expected, but the weather is now warming up and I’m discovering substantially bigger amounts of water.

    Are these signs of wear and tear of an aging machine? Can they be DIY repaired/replaced or should I have it looked it over by a technician? I’m a little pedantic when it comes to ongoing maintenance of my coffee gear and may over react ever so slightly to what may seem like niggly day to day issues with an e61 machine…

    Any comments/help/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    No responses, but googling and common sense prevailed. Replaced my grouphead seal and problem 1) went away. I haven't had 2) happen since I posted this oddly enough.
    Hope it stays that way!