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Lelit or Ascaso Steel - worthy to buy against Silvia or Bezzera Unica?

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  • Lelit or Ascaso Steel - worthy to buy against Silvia or Bezzera Unica?

    I am new to this forum. I have been searching for some information regarding topic (see tittle) but did not find answer.

    I am going to buy machine with PID + quality grinder with comfortability of usage (cleaning, not making rubbish around, not noisy at home).

    Is Lelit better quality than Ascaso Steel. If so why?
    I have seen some post that it is better but I am not aware why?
    I like more design of Ascaso Steel. Also it seems to be easier to use (water filling for example).

    But quality build and quality of output (espresso) is most important.

    Here is list of my candidates (I know there is price difference between them):
    1) LELIT PL41TEM (is 57 mm cons)
    3) Ascaso Steel Uno Profi PID - my favourite but I am little bit afraid of build quality and lifetime - Should I be?
    3) Rancilio Silvia (wit PID instaled - more expensive than these above and PID is not provided by Rancilio)
    4) Bezzera Unica (was not in the list from the begining but now it apprers there - would be output totally different - in terms of how much taste I get from beans)

    Thanks a lot for any feedback

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    Hi Lucius,

    The Lelits are now easier to fill because the newer models have a water tank with a larger opening than the older style. Getting a machine with factory PID from the start will save you money compared to retrofitting and the result will be more professional.

    As far as the quality of espresso is concerned, a PID'd Lelit is very capable. We have some customers with PID'd Lelits - eg 41TEMD - as their second machine (or as a travel machine) and also a more expensive HX or DB machine and report that the espresso is just as good from the little Lelit. A 57mm filter basket isn't a disadvantage. The standard Lelit double basket is deep and holds a generous amount of coffee.

    Beans and technique will be the primary factors in espresso quality. And you should also consider the after sales service available for each brand wherever you are located.

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      Thanks for your insight. What do you think about Ascaso???

      Thanks a lot JetBlack!

      To keep my budget in some level I would like to take aside Silvia and Bezzera
      and want to decide between Lelit and Ascaso Steel.

      Personally I tend to decide for Ascaso Steel. I like more design and ergonomy.

      Thanks very much for your insight regarding Lelit and not factory made PIDs.
      That is valueable information.

      Do you know something about Ascaso Steel too?
      I am wondering why some people posted that it is not that quality as Lelit is.

      Is it from the fact that Ascaso do also some more comercial fancy looking machines which are not so reliable like Basic and Dream?

      To my understanding, Ascaso is producer of coffee machine parts - they do developemnt - so Steel machine range should be OK.
      LELIT is buying parts from other producers to my understanding.

      I wanna buy Ascaso Steel with factory PID.
      Cost same money as LELIT 58mm with PID.
      But do not want to buy something which will stop working after 5 years

      I appreciate any thoughts regarding Ascaso Steel quality compared to LELIT.



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        +1 for Charlie's comments. The Lelit punches well above its weight. It's a terrific machine and we are proud to stock and sell it in Victoria as Jetblack's agent for the brand.


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          I purchased a Lelit PL60T V2 from Jetblack after also looking hard at the Ascaso models.

          I found much less information on suppliers, repairs and parts for the Ascaso machines,
          SO i went with the more expensive Lelit based on the after-sales support from the community.
          It's a fantastic machine of extremely high quality, with Charlie and Chris just a phone-call away for any support that I have needed.