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ECM Giotto Premium - Pressure heading off the scale

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  • ECM Giotto Premium - Pressure heading off the scale

    After my 2nd cup of coffee this morning, I could hear steam escaping under the hood, and the pressure gauge started heading off the scale. Before I take it into to be looked at, I thought I might just ask for any ideas of things I could look at 1st in case its something I can replace myself easily, such as the thermostat etc. (I replaced the vacuum breaker valve a few months ago so its not that just mis-behaving). If it's the processor, I think it still has the old wiring loom, so would probably take it in to the experts to be done properly. I'm not a total numpty, so can do certain repairs, but do not have the correct tools or gauges or experience to get too complicated.



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    My guess would be the thermostat/pressurestat. Unless the boiler is filling continuously (and it doesn't appear that way) heat input is the only cause of overpressure I can think of.


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      Originally posted by MrJack View Post
      My guess would be the thermostat/pressurestat.
      Thanks for the suggestion MJ, Sound plausible - might see if I can look into those myself.

      Eventually decided to take it in & get it serviced at the same time. From my explanation they also think pressurestat, and they had spares, so hopefully not a major cost. Got a B&B person arriving from Canada tomorrow who said they were looking forward to trying my coffee, so not good timing to try and do it myself when time is tight.

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