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  • ECM Technika 4 rotary

    So I have an opportunity to buy the top end technika for $2300. As you know the technika comes in 3 versions
    Profi ( levers instead of rotary knobs )
    Profi suitable ( rotary pump, tank or plumb options. Steel boiler )
    This seems like a good deal for a brand new technika. I'm coming from a trusty Gaggia Classic which I've cut my teeth on and spent 10 good years with. I have a good grinder a Quamar M80 BTW.
    So my thoughts are is this too big a jump in machine. Should I maybe save the money and go Buy a Breville BD for about $1300 before going to the pointy end machines like the ECM. Is 2300 such a good deal I'd be silly not to invest. After some discussion on this as I'm 50/50 right now. Thanks.

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    That's a great price. I wouldn't hesitate, in fact, if you're not quick enough I'll buy it!! It is a false economy to buy a cheaper machine now and expect it to be as reliable as a top end machine like the ECMs. In a years time you would have forgotten how much you'd paid with no regrets. Go for it!!!


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      Yep! what barri said, if you can stretch the budget skip the Breville and go for the Technika, I doubt you will regret the decision.


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        Definitely skip the Breville! The Breville is great but you will be kicking yourself in a year or so if you dont take that amazing offer!


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          Yes so I think the feeling is " go for it " ....


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            Where could you get such a good price is the better question