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Isomac Mondiale or BES920

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  • Isomac Mondiale or BES920

    Hi All,

    A bit of a strange comparison but I am looking at a second hand Mondiale or a brand new BES920. Difference in cost probably around $500.
    Mondiale is about 5 years old doing about 20 coffees a week and it looks in good condition.

    What do you guys think, which way to go.

    I currently own a lelit combo but think it's time to upgrade

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    The lelit combi pumps out some great coffee. New breville or used e61 machine? That's a hard one. Technically the breville has all the right features (including many convenience ones) and can make an excellent brew. The one "concern" is proven longevity and reliability. A traditional machine generally has widely available parts and you can repair yourself if you are that way inclined. The breville you would need to take to an appliance service centre as no parts are readily available or info in regard to DIY servicing. Resale value is another consideration.

    Having said that you are getting a new machine with warranty vs unknown used.

    They also feel quite different in operation and obviously appearance and construction.



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      No-one can tell you which way to go....

      You're looking at two quite different pathways; 'box branded' appliance vs. genuine prosumer must have a preference of your own???

      I owned two Mondiales, so for me, it's a no brainer. If it were my choice I'd go the Mondiale any day, second hand or not,

      but with a couple of provisos. Have you seen it fully operational over a dozen or more shots? And milk?.....

      "looks to be in good condition" doesn't necessarily mean that it is, and only a competent machine tech can give you

      the whole picture. It should be put on the bench either by the seller or preferably by you, with the machine priced accordingly, for the service.

      Things to watch out for on the older Mondiale..... pressurestat and steam, hot water toggles; none of which are deal breakers.

      Does the Mondiale have any service/repair history/proven water type use? And saying that; is the machine in Perth or Adelaide, or an area with known water

      quality issues? That would be a deal breaker........
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        Thanks artman and chokkidog... ended up getting the Mondiale, haven't set it up yet, but looking forward to it.

        Quite an impressive looking machine.