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  • VBM Super problem

    Hi all,

    My machine is about five years old purchased new in Melbourne and never had a problem. Yesterday, our cleaner tried to help by refilling the reservoir. Quite a bit of water was spilled and the house circuit breaker popped. Trial and error led me to the coffee machine and now it pops whenever I plug the machine in- even with the switch off. I've pulled off the covers to let it dry. Looking at the wiring diagram, and the where the spilled water went, it looks like the water reservoir switch is a likely culprit. Is there a way to test this theory? I should also mention I'm in Dubai, so dropping it off to my friendly local coffee shop for repair is, unfortunately, not really an option. I suspect I will have to import the parts and DIY. Any help appreciated. Thanks. T

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    Hi Trent. It's most likely water in the tank microswitch and probably boiler solenoid as well. Give it some time. In all likelihood it will dry out.




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      Hi Chris, Thanks for the reply. I was hoping you'd come along. I had a trip away for work and I left it with the covers off, unplugged. Returned this arvo, replaced the covers, plugged in and I'm now enjoying a lovely short-black. I'll chat to the cleaner about water re-filling techniques! Thanks for your help.
      Cheers, T