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quick mill andreja temp dropping on idle ?

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  • quick mill andreja temp dropping on idle ?

    Hi all,
    After some help from the guru's

    My andreja sometimes doesn't heat up once turned on.
    The boiler hisses but the pump doesnt kick in...
    If i pull the leaver till water starts to come out of the group the machine will then heat up as normal.

    Occasionally even once its sitting at 104 deg on idle for a length of time ill go to pull a shot and its dropped to 70 deg ???

    Same as start up if i pull the leaver till water comes out it will then start heating up again as normal. I have noticed when this happens it takes about 15 sec for the water to come out, its like there's no water in the group whatever.
    This happens at least once a day but generally she works perfectly (machines on all day)
    Any help would be fantastic.

    Thanks Ross

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      Is it new or used?


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        Originally posted by TheLudicrousBean View Post
        Is it new or used?
        Its about 4 years old


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          Whats happening with the red and green lights on the front of the machine when this happens?

          Sounds like water is draining out of the heat exchange circuit. Have the lever (group) seals ever been replaced? Any leakage from group head or exhaust on idle?