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ECM Giotto Parts Required

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  • ECM Giotto Parts Required

    Hi All,
    My brother has an ECM Giotto (not Rocket) that he purchased a couple of years ago that at the time was believed to have been used only once or twice.
    It has had some issues since then. One, which required a trip to 9 Bar. I only mention this as it was in for a long time and the technician found it difficult to source the correct part for it. Sorry, I don't remember what part was replaced. I only know that it stopped it from turning on.

    Recently, my brother found that his maching was not heating properly and there was no pressure in the steam wand.

    He pulled his machine apart (photos below) and noticed a couple of parts which are damaged that need replacing including the heating element. We have searched for this particular heating element, but noticed that it is not the same as the diagrams we have seen or the parts available.

    Is this the original heating element or is it a new part that has been fitted. I am trying to get the replacement parts, but I also want to ensure that we are using original parts or as close to and if I need to replace other parts, I would like to do it all at the same time.

    I am happy to provide further information, but will need some direction.

    My main aim is to determine the correct parts required and a place to source them from.

    I apologise in advance if the pics are too large.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Man- if that had only been used once or twice thay must have been running it on limestone....

    The service tech has fitted it with a non standard element. To me it looks a little like a "renovators delight"

    It might be worth calling ECA for parts as I reckon you may need more than just an element.


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      Thanks Chris.