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Expobar Minore III with Flick Valves ( Water & Steam Taps )

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  • Expobar Minore III with Flick Valves ( Water & Steam Taps )

    Hello fellow tweakers,

    I have always liked the idea of flick valves on a coffee machine, and an looking at getting some taps for my Minore III.

    The following machines have them:

    * Isomac Mondiale Due
    * ECM Profi range
    * Bezzera Strega
    * Bezzera Giulia
    * Fracino Ariete

    Does anyone know which of these would be suitable for the Minore as a direct replacement? I'm prepared to do a little adjustment where it needs doing.

    I do like the stubby ones on the Bezzera Giulia.

    Any thoughts on my idea?
    Definately get the flick taps
    Prefer to get the flick taps
    Not care either way.
    Perfer normal taps
    Definitely get the normal taps

    The poll is expired.

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    Added a POLL to gauge interest.

    If anyone has any of the mentioned models, please share your thoughts about having flick taps.

    Know of other domestic machines that have them, that aren't mentioned?


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      Don't have a Minore BM, however, flick taps are flick taps regardless of machine.

      My preference is for conventional taps, I find them more reliable, easier to repair and offer greater control.


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        Flick taps eh? Funny name that, never heard it before in reference to coffee machines. :-D

        No matter ..... we know what you mean! Toggles, right? ;-D

        Definitely my choice.


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          Yeah, thanks guys. They're called a few names. Flick Levers, Toggles and even joystick controls. Something that I have noticed that in reading specs on a few machines, they don't really get a mention as a key feature. Chokkidog, was it mentioned or pointed out to you when you were buying your machine?

          The first commercial grade machine I used had them, and that's when I felt that I really liked the idea. I feel that there are some drawbacks, like Yelta mentioned and that's control. With a flick , it's pretty much on or off. I could just try it on the hot tap only, cause that's where I really want the instant on or off.

          Guess ideally a tap that only turned say 90 deg would be good, and spring loaded.


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            They were on the Mondiales I owned. Plenty of control, including progressive opening of the valve, around the full 360°.

            Control was easier and more positive than any rotary style tap I have used.... but I haven't used all toggles, nor all taps.

            No, they weren't 'pointed out'. I had already made up my mind ( about the machine) before purchasing so I knew what I was in for.


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              The valves you listed are on of either two types, the Bezzera design or in the case of the ECM, isomac and fracino a generic design I think developed originally by Fiorenzato but now used in various guises and quality spec, by many different manufacturers. The La Marzocco GS/3 uses the same valve, as do some Expobar commercial machines, but it's hidden inside the body.

              The Bezzera type is not compatible. It has part of the valve behind the front panel and a non-standard fine thread so won't connect to the Expobar pipes and won't fit.

              The Fiorenzato type is most commonly the standard 1/4" BSP and thus compatible with the Minore, but there are lots of different versions floating around. Also be prepared to have to modify the wand ball joints - these will require a VBM-style spring, collar, O-ring and backnut.

              As is so often the case, it's not a straight forward swap.


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                Thanks coffee_machinist,

                Now I have something to work off. Might be worth getting the whole tap with wand, if I need to get the VBM-style spring, collar, O-ring and backnut.

                I'll have a bit of a google and see what I come up with.

                The isomac looks like a go'er
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