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  • Leaking Giotto Premium Plus

    Hi Guys,

    Long time no speak! went away and had 3 baby boys over the last 3 years or so, so coffee is more important to me than ever!

    I've got a small issue with the Giotto that concerns me a bit, when i pull a shot the e61 overflow nozzle (the that gushes when you stop the shot) leaks, then continues to leak until it seems the e61 grouphead is virtually empty but it the boiler never needs refilling or anything, if left for half hour or so, it will take a good 30 seconds of running the pump to get water into the grouphead again to pull another shot.

    I used to know all the terminology buy the 3 years of babies has turned my head to mush!!!

    what i need to know is what do i need to buy and is it a pretty simple repair, ive seen on a US site there is an e61 repair kit that contains all the stuff and then some to fix this exact issue, but i cant find anything similar in Aust, plus i only really want to replace what i need to as the purse strings are very tight at the moment! lol

    I hope it makes sense!



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    Dimattina in Perth has group kits and lever kits. I ask because I felt my old Premium group lever was getting stiff. The kits were reasonable and the labour costs okay. I am sure Sponsors would have them. They did warn me that if the metal parts were worn it would be more expensive. I think they mentioned a piston.


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      Ive used the guide in the link below before to overhaul myself. It's not difficult.
      In regards to parts, I'm not sure who may sell them (I bought my parts direct from a parts supplier out of Europe).


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        Some great info here too...
        How To's, Links and Misc information - Coffeetime

        When looking for parts to service your E-61, don't forget to contact Coffee Parts, a long standing and excellent CS Sponsor. Before ordering any parts, it would be a good idea to contact Pedro first, to ensure which particular E-61 Group your machine has fitted; there are several made by different companies.