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Grimac Mia- any users here. What are your thoughts

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  • Grimac Mia- any users here. What are your thoughts

    Hi folks

    Looks like I've scored a Mia which I'll pick up over the next week. Wondering whether there are any users here on the forum. I'd be keen to hear of your experience on the machine. I've been looking to upgrade from my second gaggia Classic ( second one no where near as good as the first) to a e61 hx machine for some time and friends who no longer use their Mia have offered it to me.

    How do they compare to the usual machines referenced and what are the tips to get a good coffee out of them?

    I'll look to get one of the sponsors to service the unit in the new year, but till then I guess I'll have some fun trying to get a decent shot and Milk.

    Cheers rob

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    You could start here:


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      and then go here:


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        Hi chokkidog

        No success with the first link.

        I have however realised that the Mia is similar to the la uno so will do some research on that too.


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          Originally posted by chokkidog View Post
          No.. I don't know what happened there, maybe you can't copy a search page link??

          I just entered 'Grimac Mia' into the CS search bar, copied and pasted .....but it doesn't work....

          however, there are 4 threads, in the first 3 CS search results pages, on the Mia.

          The google search has plenty.


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            Was impressed by the steam wand mod. Could be a January project for me....