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Restoring Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco

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  • Restoring Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco

    Hello everyone-

    My first ever post

    awaiting arrival of a 7 year old Fiorenzato Piazza San Marco Lever 1 Group next week.

    a few questions : if I could get some experienced advised from fellow members-

    It comes with steam/water lever style taps - the steam lever is leaking +++ -

    1. thinking of replacing these levers to steam taps. Any thoughts/ advantages one over the other?

    2. the boiler may need to be descaled ... Can this be done without dismantling the boiler and piping..?

    3. any other potential issues I should look out for prior to taking delivery?

    Many thanks

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    1. Er why before you have even tried them? and then NO is still the answer, buy some parts to repair them or a simple clean and lube may be all that is needed to get it to seat properly.

    2. Until you get it you won't know. If you unbolt the Group from the Boiler you will have a better idea and you will also need a viton o'ring between the two bits as you do it. Specialty o'ring suppliers or maybe a larger bearing supplier. This is not a standard Astoria part.

    3. Get onto Pedro at Coffeeparts for a set of Astoria lever bits to suit and some lube for the steam/water toggles.

    Set it to about .95 bar much higher and it will be running to hot. 1.1 is ok but I prefer mine a little lower.

    Kick back feed it good water and beans and enjoy
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      Thanks Beans �� look forward to getting hold of it soon