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Giotto cuts out mid-shot

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  • Giotto cuts out mid-shot

    Looks like today is the day for Giottos to play up, seeing Jimbo's post below.
    My Giotto has suddenly started dying mid-shot. The pump slows down until it stops dead. This happened a couple of times yesterday, and I cleaned the basket in the group head. Then all was fine, but now it has done it again - about a third of a shot, then it stopped dead. Steam and hot water worked fine.
    Obviously, she'll have to go in for repairs on Monday. Anyone got any suggestions in the meanwhile?

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    Sounds like either a faulty pump (over 40 in Vic this weekend and already done two pump replacements today due to heat stress) or the machine is choked (fine grind) and the OPV is jammed shut. If you still get a pump stall after backing off the grind, and there is no pressure buildup in the group (anemic trickle from the group drain outlet) likely the pump has had it.


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      pump will be gone mate. These were the same signs when mine also went dead. Would pull a shot, half way through just stopped, did that a few times, then just dead.