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Fault with expobar elegance one group.

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  • Fault with expobar elegance one group.


    I'm hoping people may have some advice or thoughts on a recent problem I've experienced with my expobar elegance compact one group. It has been fully descaled approx 1 year ago and has run on mostly filtered water. Used lightly over that time. Run with no problems.

    I went to use it about a week ago - pulled first shot fine. Second shot the volumetric dosing started to play up. I use the manual on off button when pulling shots. I pressed it and it ran for about 3 seconds before turning off. This continued to happen. Turned the machine off.

    Returned later and turned it on. Ran as per normal for a few days before I turned it on in the morning and the volumetric dosing was not working at all. It doesn't look like the auto fill is clicking on now either (drained a bit of water through hot water tap and no refill).

    Has to be either the volumetric dosing (brain box) or something to do with the flow meter, or maybe rotary pump?

    Any thoughts or ideas on how to trouble shoot would be greatly appreciated.



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    Sounds like the brain box?


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      Start with fill issue as that is most important.

      Open top. Note that the machine is hot and that you are electrically savvy. Note that the boiler is hot too. If either of these things make you hesitate, please take the Elegance in to a technician.

      Note water level probe and female spade connector and wire. Remove spade connector from probe with pliers or ouch fingers (boiler is hot). Wait a few seconds.

      If pump doesn't engage AND there are issues with volumetrics still you:

      A) have a loose connection to the control and/or a GF or water contamination.

      B) a bad control

      Note: auto fill does not follow flow to group through the flow meter. This will isolate one issue.

      Please ensure machine is OFF before you do anything other than test the water level probe. You can check the ribbon cable connection with the machine OFF and unplugged from the power point as 230V flow to the AV control/volume buttons.

      Good luck let us know how it goes.