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Rocket Giotto V3 puddle

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  • Rocket Giotto V3 puddle

    I have a strange intermittent leak which appears as a puddle (about 10 to 15 mls) on the back left of the unit. I can go 4 or 5 days or more and not see it and sometimes it appears. I wipe it up and then the cycle continues. Well I'm not sure it is a cycle but is very intermittent. The only thing I can think of that happens before the puddle appears is when I fill up the water tank and even then it may not happen. I have removed the water tank for the odd clean but I don't think this has had any bearing. I know I should be asking Chris who I bought it off (before xmas) but I'm interested to hear if any others have seen this problem.

    I did a google and found this ... CoffeeGeek - Espresso: Espresso Machines, Rocket Cellini Leak- What is this thing?. Sounds very similar.

    Any clues?

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    The Giotto's have a tube that leads from the bottom of the water tank up to the top, above the water level of the tank. I think it is to remove air bubbles from the water inlet to the pump or something, not sure why else it would be there.

    When you pour water in rapidly or remove, fill up and replace the tank, some water is pushed up this tube and can drip out of the top. For some reason they didn't implement a system to catch these drips and reroute them back into the tank or into the drip tray. You'd think they would have seeing as what you pay for these machines.


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      Originally posted by barri View Post
      I know I should be asking Chris...
      That you should Barri. It may be a small split or poorly fixed silicon tube to the tank coupling. As your machine is under warranty, we're your first port of call.

      For those interested, the tube referred to in the above post- long gone.