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Bezzera water problems

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  • Bezzera water problems

    Hi all,

    After your wonderful help with getting the shower screen off of my second hand BZ35 (badged as a Prof Express here in France) I now have an issue with the pump (possibly)

    It's always worked perfectly until recently when I noticed that when the machine was first switched on in the morning it seemed to take longer and longer to fill.

    Earlier today when I was taking some hot water from the wand I got all of the green lights flashing at me.

    The pump sounds as if it is working and I've had the back off where I can see the motor spinning but no water is getting through.

    It's mains fed if that helps and I've checked that water supply for any faults.

    Any help is gratefully accepted!


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    There is a re stricter after the fill solenoid, this can be block and that why there is not enough water flow at the machine when is fill up, clean that and that should be fix it.

    You should clean your two level regulator probe as well, so the machine is sending the right signals to the pump when it is filling the boiler

    If you are look at Bezzera diagram TAV 06 page 27. you will see where the re stricter is




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      Solved! (But found something new)

      Thank you so much Renzo!

      I took apart said part and found that the (tiny!) hole was indeed blocked, all back to normal now.

      One thing I also noticed was a green spark from the top relay (I guess this is what it is) when the pump turned off, I've put a link to a video of it below:

      These's a fair bit of carbon inside the clear plastic housing, is this normal or should I get a new one?

      Thank you
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        Replacing the offending relay would be a very good idea, to avoid future (and possibly more extensive) failures and cost. Quite a simple thing to do if you purchase a direct replacement part...