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La Pavoni Pub 1EL, recommended?

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  • La Pavoni Pub 1EL, recommended?

    Hi all,

    Got a chance to stumble upon a listing for sale a La Pavoni Pub 1EL, Lever machine, water reservoir, home pluggable commercial machine. Does anyone here have any experience with it or similar La pavoni's lever machines? I am also able to get brand new Bezzera Stregas over here, is there much difference between these two?

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    if I had to choose, I would take the Pavoni, just because its looking nice.
    as far as I now, there are not so many differences, if it is the strega which can also go on main water


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      Both are very good brand names so I think it comes down to your preference on the external look of the two, and any on paper spec differences that you think will be important to you as an individual end user.

      Can you get a real life demo of either or both, and have you checked "ewechoob" for any videos of them that may halp you decide which you may prefer?

      After that, pull the lever and enjoy the coffee !


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        Funny thing is the Pavoni only have 1 single video and not much discussion beside people asking who stocks them in other forums. Coming from E61 user, not sure how a lever will treat me!


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          La Pavoni Pub 1 EL - Gastro-Handhebler - Erfahrungen? | Kaffee-Netz - Die Community rund ums Thema Kaffee
          maybe you have someone who can translate that for you or you can german by yourself.