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Wet Steam from BZ99

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  • Wet Steam from BZ99

    Hi all. I have a Bezzera BZ99 (plumbed) which produces very wet steam. In 30 seconds there is at least 50ml of water after starting with an empty jug.
    This is after the machine is fully heated and no amount of purging will stop it.

    The machine has 2 boiler probes, both of which are as far down as they can go.

    Can anyone provide me with some help troubleshooting?

    The last trip to the repair shop cost me $650 and I can't afford to spend big dollars now. I also have to pretty much take half a day off to drop off and another one to pick up.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Did some further reading which suggested the water probes might need cleaning. If only I could undo the boiler nuts!!


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      Undid the boiler nuts, gave the probes a light sanding so they're nice and shiny again. Steam still wet.
      Any help please people?


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        It sounds like you've done what I would have

        Is the machine operating ok, otherwise?


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          Wet steam could possibly mean it's too cold. Do you know what the boiler pressure/temperature is?


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            Machine is otherwise operating fine. MrJack I think you may be correct, could need an increase in boiler pressure. I've not done this before but from what I read I should try increasing the adjustment screw on the pressure stat, 1/4 turn at a time. Just need to find the pressurestat and it's adjustment screw!


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              Pressurestat on mine is at the top on the RHS from memory.