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Heating up issues with ECM Technika IV Profi

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  • Heating up issues with ECM Technika IV Profi

    Firstly, not sure if this is the right place to post so mods, apologies from now.

    I have had an ECM Technika for 18 months now and have loved it. However around 4 months ago it would not heat up the water and consequently the group head. After taking it back to the place I bought it from, it turned out that one of the relays on the board gave way so wouldn't cause it to heat up. Cost me $220 to get it repaired.

    4 months later I seem to have the same issue. Saw the pressure bar rise to 2.5 bars, so I released some steam, got it down to about 0.5 but it just kept dropping from there and wouldn't go back up. Switched it off and on, no success.

    I was wondering if anyone had similar issues with their machine, what the cause was and if it is a common issue, whether this can be a DIY job if it is the relay again? Any help is appreciated.


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    Sorry to hear about it, my ECM mechanika ( same innards ) is going well, 3.5 years and no problems yet. I'd contact the supplier to see if they back up their repairs, 4 months isn't long. My only experience with relays is the SS ones I put in my (beer) brewing controller and they seem to be pretty bullet proof, they do a lot more switching than my coffee machine and I haven't had one fail yet. There may be another issue causing this ? See what the supplier has to say and if no joy contact the importer.