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Rocket Giotto pressure gauge sticking

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  • Rocket Giotto pressure gauge sticking

    The title says it all: after I make a coffee, the pressure gauge sticks at 9 bar. If I raise the group head handle a little, it returns to zero.
    There is no leaking from the valve. If the gauge was not there I would not even be aware of the 'problem'

    I wondered if this was an indication of a sticking valve in the E61, and if I need to get it fixed, as it's not a big deal (yet...)

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    G'day mate...

    No mate, everything is fine.

    With most E-61 machines, the Pressure Gauge is fed from a line upstream of the Group itself. This means, when ever you shut the Leva on the Group, any pressure remaining within this section of line is trapped, until you next operate the Leva upwards and allow the water pressure to disperse into the Drip Tray. Even if you don't "reset" the Group Leva as such, the pressure will eventually disperse past the valve seal.

    No need to worry, just make your next coffee and enjoy...