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Isomac La Mondiale Not Heatin Up

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  • Isomac La Mondiale Not Heatin Up

    I'm having issues with my machine. The unit powers up correctly and the pump works ok but it won't heat up. The boiler light doesn't come on at all. I've replaced the thermal fuse which didn't work (I've also bypassed the fuse to no avail). I replaced the pressure stat with a new ma-ter unit tonight but again, no good.

    I've unplugged the leads from the heating element and measured the resistance which read 40ohms so I'm assuming that this is ok.

    I'm thinking that the control board might be the issue but I don't want to spend $250 until I've tried everything else.

    Can anyone help me troubleshoot it anymore?

    I'm not sure if it is related but the machines pressure gauge (which is on its way out so might be completely wrong anyway) started to read 0.5 instead of 1.3 in the week leading up to it breaking.

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    Tank fill switch .?


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      Things can be:

      1. Thermo fuse "
      I've replaced the thermal fuse which didn't work" are you sure that you place it correctly check
      2. Pressure
      switch : Check if you install the wires correctly
      3. heating element; looks ok
      4: control board could be but check above before you replace it = that's correct $245.00 plus freight

      Clean your level regulator probe, maybe the machine has over fill and does not allow the water to heat up due to the over filling as well check your anti vacumm valve

      Good luck

      let's us know if we can help