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Isomac Mondiale boiler questions

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  • Isomac Mondiale boiler questions

    I have recently come across an Isomac Mondiale boiler that I hope to team up with some other spare parts to make a new machine. But before I start i was hoping a Mondial owner could help identify each of the ports on the boiler and what they are used for.
    I have numbered them all in the photos to make referencing easier.
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    The ones I know already are:
    5 is the element Hole
    6 is the heat exchange but id like to know if its in or out on the mondiale
    9 is the other end of the heat exchange.

    The port labeled as "1" in my photos is not just a straight hole through like the others it reduces down. I would think this might be to hold a dipper pipe in place for the hot water but it seems a little small for that.
    Id appreciate any input from other owners.


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      Yes that is an Isomac Mondiale Boiler


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        Originally posted by Di_Bartoli View Post
        Yes that is an Isomac Mondiale Boiler
        Hmmmm, yes that has been established in the first post... any idea what connects to what port on the boiler?


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          Hi Aaron,

          Now that you're started on your project you'll find that developing a knack for searching on the web invaluable.

          Have a look here: