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Flushing the boiler

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  • Flushing the boiler

    Occasionally I will drain a good 300-500mL from the boiler of my faithfull old Giotto Premium Plus via the hot water tap just to cycle some fresh water into the boiler. However sometimes like today I will drain the boiler completely.
    My questions are:
    - is this worthwhile?
    - what is the best way to drain the boiler. I usually just turn off the machine, move it next to the sink and open up the hot water tap. When the water stops running out, I tilt the machine to drain the dregs (remove the water tank of course) and
    - should I wait until the boiler has cooled before I turn the machine back on? I'm concerned about introducing cold water into a boiler that is still very hot, especially as winter approaches and the tap water is colder?

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    I drained the steam/hot water boiler in my Linea this morning through the water tap. This is how I always do it.

    The steam boiler is insulated, so retains heat longer than a non-insulated boiler. I waited 5 hours before refilling the boiler. I didn't want lots of cold water going into an almost empty hot boiler (and hitting a hot heating element).

    I rarely turn the steam/hot water boiler on in this machine but like to refresh the water every month or so.


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      Thanks Paolo. I didn't think of the impact on the element. My initial concern was about the boiler itself.

      It's probably several minutes between the time I drain and refill the boiler but in future i think I will drain the boiler when I'm finished using the machine and let it refill the next day while cold.


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        On my Bosco, I remove the OPV valve, insert a spare 1m length of white 12mm speedpex pipe (John Guest push fit system), and syphon the water out of the boiler.
        Nice and easy.