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Rocket Giotto - Correct VST Filter size

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  • Rocket Giotto - Correct VST Filter size

    Im on holidays interstate and discovered the VST Filters/Pullman Tampers.

    My question is which size VST Filter will fit into my Rocket Giotto dbl group head. I primarily make two coffees from the dbl group head but the 22 gram looks very large compared to my standard filter. Im guessing the 18 gram one would fit and be enough for 2 shots?

    Thanks in advance.

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    My 22g VST does not fit in my ECM veneziano portafilter, although it does in the Cafelat PF! It makes it easy to pull two good strength shots at a time.

    I'm sure the 18g would fit in the rocket PF... and perhaps even the 20g?


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      There are apparently two different kinds of Rocket PFs. If you have the one with the straight sides then the 22g VST will probably fit. I have that one and the EP triple basket fits. There was a thread about this a couple of weeks ago, but I can't find it now.