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Isomac Tea Due Leaking

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  • Isomac Tea Due Leaking

    Hi guys,

    Upgraditis has struck and I have recently bought a second hand Isomac Tea Due and moved on from the faithful 6910. I have had it a couple of weeks now and am very happy with the shots and steam power (although the two hole steam tip has taken a bit of getting used to).

    The machine has been giving off a lot of steam, and I have been hearing the occasional hissing noise. Having never owned a boiler machine before I assumed this was normal.

    Today I decided these machines probably aren't meant to do that, and took the back off to have a look while it was heating up.

    What I saw was water occasionally dripping out of a connection above the boiler, and dripping onto the boiler and vapourising.

    It looks like I will have to unscrew the vertical pipe from the boiler to be able to access it. What is this part exactly? Would regular plumbers tape on the thread be a solution to this?

    Or should I take it to a repair shop and get someone who knows what they're doing to look at it?

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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      That may be the boiler Over Pressure safety valve.
      if so, it's not uncommon for them to leak a little when they get a bit of scale in them or the spring jams.
      Its possible to strip and clean it if you are careful and have the skill set ...but remember , it is a SAFETY valve so if you are not confident in understand how it works, may be better to just buy a replacement valve, or have your local shop change it out.
      Either way, get it fixed quick as those pressure stats are crap and you will have an over pressure event at some time in the future !

      EDIT:- looking closer ....
      if that is a wire connected to the top .??..then that device is likely the fill level probe.
      Again, simple to remove , clean, and replace.


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        Thanks blend,

        It's not leaking from the connection with the wire (probe?). It's leaking from the connection at the bottom of the metal elbow behind it. Right at the end of the red arrows.



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          Is it possible to get a picture from the other side of the fitting?.

          These elbows should be British standard pipe tapered (BSPT).
          They really shouldn't need Teflon tape to seal. The heat generated from the boiler isn't going to do good things to standard plumbers tape.


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            I've just got it back from a local repairer. He pulled it apart, checked, and put it back together again and now no more leaks.

            I was only one day without it so only had to use the aeropress for breakfast coffees once!