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New Bezzera Mitica purchase

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  • New Bezzera Mitica purchase

    Hi Everyone,
    I am thinking of purchasing a new Bezzera Mitica machine. I have been a member of CS for some years. Don't post much but always get my beans from CS. I currently use a Silvia and want to upgrade.
    Is the Bezz as good as I read it is. It is worth the money. Your feedback would really be appreciated. Thanks to CS as well. Love the coffee Andy...Cheers Burtie.

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    Yes mate....

    The Bezz machines are excellent, in all facets of importance. Well built and produce excellent quality coffee, can't go wrong...



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      Hi Burtie,

      Bezzera is wonderful!! I might be a little bias though. Had a second hand BZ02 and shortly after bought a Magica which I've owned since 2011. Only difference to the Mitcha and Magica is the outside, internals are the same. Reasons I chose the Magica over the Mitica was just the top part where the cup warmer is. There is a little more real estate for cups if needed and the 3 bars that sit on top of the lid/cup warmer breaks up the all the straight lines and I think adds all little more class. Something else that I enjoy are the lever taps, steam and hot water is an instant operation on or off.

      Mitcha or Magica, both are Bezzera and wonderful machines. When comparing the market for other HX'er machines, found that Bezzera at the time were the best bang for buck for me. Bought my machine around this time of year and couldn't find a better deal for a top notch HX'er machine.

      Internals of the machines are very nice. Wonderful component placement with very tidy cable management. I enjoy that none of the electronics/cable assemblies are resting near any hot components (other than the components that are supposed to be immersed or measure temperature/pressure).

      Depending on where you live, I would highly recommend Di Bartoli (Sydney). I bought my machine through them, as they are the exclusive Magica distributor in Australia. Also like to add that at the moment Di Bartoli is having an EOFYS which you might be able to save some $$$ (like I did when I bought mine). Great idea to try the machine out before you buy, this is very important if you can. Espresso machines around this price mark are quite the investment, would highly recommend that you try before you buy if that is possible for you.

      Di Bartoli Coffee Centre CS's Sponsor Link
      Di Bartoli Coffee Centre

      Hope that helps, happy to help with any other questions you might have.

      Regards from one happy Bezzera driver!!



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        Well said...