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  • Inherited Unico Splendor - Cleaning Advice

    I've been lucky enough to have a Splendor passed onto me from my Dad as he ended up getting a new machine a while back. The Splendor has been sitting in storage for probably for a year or so before it was in my possession. The main reason he upgrade was that there appeared to be a leak from a pressure build up but was not able to be reproduced after it went in for a service. I'm yet to see this but I'm more concerned about the state of the internals before I turn it on and do anything.

    I've been going through the forum and videos online to find out how to descale a HX. All of the information has been helpful but when I get to my machine I'm not too sure where to start. Should I just turn the machine on and fill with a descaling solution and begin the steps outlined in the sticky? I've noted that I can't gain access to the level probe in the boiler as well and unsure if there is access on this machine.

    I've also been able to inspect the group head and it surprisingly seems to be in good condition, although a bit green. I've attached some images below.

    I guess what I'm looking for is advice on:

    - Starting this machine up that's been in storage
    - What to do if water was not emptied from boiler before storage (possiblity stagnant water)
    - Descaling process for Unico Splendor if level probe is inaccessible (is over fill required)
    - Any other tips and tricks regarding this machine would be great! (even a pdf manual if anyone has one)

    You'll have to excuse my ignorance as this is my first serious machine and I'm trying to come up to speed of it's operations. To give you an idea, I've previously owned an OTTO (little guy) and a ROK so this is completely new to me.

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to getting this machine up and running!

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    G'day mate...

    The green 'patina' you can see inside the group is nothing to really worry about. Probably results from being left idle for so long with water that is slightly acidic as a result of dissolved CO2.

    The Unico Splendor is a great machine and loved by many CS owners, a very worthwhile 'hand-me-down' indeed. Yes, I think it would be beneficial to drain the water from the Boiler as it probably isn't too flash anymore, and then flush a couple of litres of fresh filtered water through the system to remove any further remnants. From the excellent condition of the Group internals, I doubt that a descale is necessary and pays tribute to the great care your Dad took of the Splendor.

    So long as the machine hasn't been stored in a damp or high humidity environment, it should be Ok to turn it On. On the other hand, if you're not exactly sure about this, then dropping it into a reputable specialist service centre for a full service and inspection would be the best thing to do and what I would recommend.

    As to operating the Splendor, why don't you ask your Dad to run you through a few lessons. By far the best way to learn how to get the best from it.

    All the best,


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      Congratulations, excellent machine with small footprint .

      I've had 2 at home in the past 15 years (a V1 and a Splendor Maxi /V2) and only traded up from the Maxi this year.

      Your 2 photos show a machine in pristine condition. DONT descale it please....if it aint broke dont fix it.

      Switch it on and run. Test all functions.

      Flush water through the group.

      To flush water from the boiler, not need to do anything more than switch it on and wait for it to rise to pressure. Open the hot water valve on the front of the machine and let it push out water. Once the boler level reaches minimum, the brain will switch on the water pump. Let it pump some more water through the hot water tap. Close the tap, allow the machine to stop filling itself, and let it build pressure up again. If you want to do it again go ahead, but I dont see the need.

      If it all works as it should, use and enjoy.

      As Mal advised, get a lesson from your dad if you can. If not, why not pay for a lesson (your area?).

      You would need to be more specific with the "leak from a pressure build up" thing. And as you (or your dad) found, if it doesnt manifest during testing, then there is nothing that can be done in a workshop. If you can directly pinpoint the problem or indicate where/when/how it is happening, then there is a chance to have a go at rectifying.

      If you need to contact the importer of this excellent machine I can help, but just be mindful that until or unless the machine misbehaves in use, there isnt much to be done. Use and enjoy

      Lucky bloke !

      Hope that helps.


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        Re draining boiler, I do as suggested above but turn machine off once boiler pressure is up, this way most/all of the water drains before refilling, so quicker to completely replace the water as shandying is minimised/eliminated.

        I let it all cool before turning on machine so the hot element/boiler doesn't get shocked with the cold water coming back in, not sure if that would be a problem but do it for piece of mind.

        In the machines I flushed this way in the past, it took 3 lots of draining before the water from the boiler was clear in the glass. Before flushing it appeared a bit "milky" and if the water is left in a glass the particles would settle in the bottom eventually.

        Enjoy the machine!


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          Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I'm just trying to find some time to do a flush out session but have given the group head a good clean out after removing the screen. As everyone has indicated, I'll skip the descaling for another day. Being that I'll probably only have time to make about 4 coffees on the weekend, it'll be a while before I'll need to descale I think.


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            Originally posted by pdmeyer View Post
            Being that I'll probably only have time to make about 4 coffees on the weekend, it'll be a while before I'll need to descale I think.
            Treat your new acquisition properly with appropriately filtered water, and it will be a very long time indeed...



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              Thought I might just quickly post here instead of a new thread. I've flush a few litres through and given the group head a good clean and everything seems fine except for the hot water wand. Water that comes from the group head clear but still slightly cloudy from the wand. I've let it sit for a while but it still remains cloudy. I can't seem to trouble shoot this issue from my research (but seems typical for a machine that has had water left in it for a while).