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    I don't think you'll get many replies,everyone is so miffed that you could end up with such a good deal,grinder as well!!!
    Looking at the examples produced by your machine,we should be the ones asking the questions! You don't need any help!
    How lucky you are,and to think I had to pay for my old Bezzera and still more work to get it looking "spiffy" again.
    No one will speak to you with all that good fortune.


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      Not true mate...

      Reckon this was a great pick-up, we would all love to grab such great machines for these sorts of prices. I agree though, doesn't look as though there is too much wrong with your technique 'Supermini'. How does the coffee taste? That's the only arbiter/measure worth worrying about....



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        Hey thanks for your reply! I notice i have to tamp quite deep into the basket or i can't get the handle into the group head. Will keep messing around with it and see what i can learn


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          Great score!! Do a search for the 5 cent test ad do that to get the ball park tamped level to aim for, then adjust grind accordingly to get the flow you want.



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            The shower screen is apparently quite low in these; requiring a lower puck height than other machines (I own one, but haven't owned other machines for comparison, but this is what I've read). I typically dose around 18g into my triple basket.


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              Yes on the bz99 I settle / tamp to 8mm clearance from top of basket - as an example.
              Strongly urge artman reco' s - 5c test / A_M.

              I've used instead of the 5c, a sheet metal holepunch discard piece - think 5c but half the thickness !
              So then I transpose this level back to my tamper for the final tamp weight / puck height as required.

              This level shows up post shot as just expanding (finely) into the shower screen. So I then use this as a base level
              Setup for my bz99.

              I find under dosing with a finer grind can work as well. However I don't personally believe that overdosing past the level
              I described works, with this machine.

              Fwiw I experimented with a number of basket (s) sizes / brands etc
              The HQ dble is a favourite and my go to gasket when I change beans / roast /blend etc blah blah blah.
              The 14g basket doses to around 16-17g in my case.
              Note I only weigh my new baskets once as a reference so don't rely on this indication as I go by tamp level / grind combo
              Only on a day to day basis. And home scales / uncalibrated / different brands will vary widely.

              I also really luv my single synesso basket which sets up at just over 10g.

              Oh and I prefer a flat unradiused tamper ( Pullman fitted - to each basket) to any convex or radiused edge tamper I have or tried -
              Due to the interference of aforementioned puck surface.
              Good luck
              Pls post back your findings to help us all on this caffeine adventure ! EA


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                Thanks for your responses, all i have is a crappy kitchen scale which i have started using, i don't trust it very much but it is giving me an idea of how much grind is in the basket. I am using this eazytamp i picked up for free with the grinder, it is set at 15kg


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                  the portafilter handle was cracked so i replaced it. I had to heat it up to break the threadlocker but that was the hardest part. I didnt need a 14/15mm hex as i was able to loosen it by hand once it was warmed up. And the newer style handle fits the older bz portafilter perfectly.

                  I replaced the steam wand with a ball joint kit, that too was very easy, takes a few minutes with a couple of spanners.

                  Got some nice thick cappuccino cups too which i am looking forward to trying.

                  The best thing i have done so far is measure the beans before grinding, and only grind that amount.


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                    Which ball joint kit did you use? Notice much difference?


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                      Looks like the one sold by DiBartoli.

                      I had one on mine and it was great.

                      Super jealous of all the free stuff you managed to score Supermini. The best coffee freebie I've been able to get is a Nemox I found discarded on a lawn which was also fine after a serious clean. I'm surprised that you find the machine finicky - you may need to change to a larger basket to allow for the lower showerscreen.


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                        That's correct mate, from DiBartoli. It's not a huge difference for me, it's nice to adjust the steam arm wherever you like, but it wasn't hard to get used to the old fixed steam arm either.
                        the portafilter handle isn't as heavy or solid as the original one.
                        I think there is always plenty of old cafe stuff floating around second hand if you are prepared to look.
                        I found a great coffee shop near me called La crema, so i've got some nice beans to work with, I'll take the advice and try a bigger basket next.


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                          Hi Supermini, I'm keen to know how your BZ99s is going a year on from your last post?

                          I've just joined the club having acquired one yesterday via that well-known online auction/trade website, and as I had to pick it up from Bondi I decided to drop it into Di Bartoli to give it a good once-over and descale etc. I'm getting them to fit a new steam arm with ball joint too. In the meantime I'm going to test my water hardness in order to set up a water softener at home.

                          This HX machine is a step up from my Sunbeam EM7000 which is becoming a little fragile now its 2+ years old and I'm not prepared to pour any dollars into its upkeep.

                          I'd be interested to see any additional mods that you or any other Snobbers have done to this machine. I saw in another thread someone recommend the precision baskets from Talk Coffee. With the lower shower screen is it possible to effectively use a triple basket in the BZ99?


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                            I finally got the chance to fire up my BZ99s this weekend, being time-poor and waiting for a chance to install my Brita C150 filtration system (which is still giving me issues...).

                            First impressions pulling espressos are that there's a noticeable improvement in flavour over my EM7000 (I will admit that I haven't been as vigilant with my cleaning regime on the Sunbeam over the last few months due to its imminent retirement). It's also noisy, basic, hot & steamy in comparison but I hope this more reliable & dependable. The only real negative I've found so far is how deep the shower screen protrudes into the basket - it looks like a pretty empty basket once packed! I think I'll have to look into getting a triple basket...

                            The steam wand too packs a lot more punch! My wand has a three-hole tip - the first milk I steamed wasn't too bad but later on when I had another go it was a bit out of control... I guess it's all about getting the right angle with the tip?


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                              I'm guessing the BZ99 is similar to by BZ40 in that there is a sold brass perforated puck in the grouphead with the screen and puck held on with a SS screw? If so it is a brilliant design and better than my current E61 Wega machine where the screen can be very hard to get off to clean.

                              I am a fan of these machines. I got an E61 as I hadn't had one before but the simplicity of the Bezzera design on the BZ40 is pretty convincing.