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Expobar minore IV-V vs -R or not at all?

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  • Expobar minore IV-V vs -R or not at all?

    hi all
    my breville dual boiler is about to drop dead so i need new machine
    first of all, i can't figure out what to expect from expobar as far as build and components quality goes, there is so much mixed info out there my head is about to explode.
    so in short, is this machine that will run trouble free for years to come or like breville i should not expect more than 3-5 years?

    while it was working i was very happy with breville just would like bit more steam power, while it is easy to steam it takes too long to do milk for two cups of coffee and if i have party going and need bunch of coffees i'm stuck at the machine for way too long before i get to drink my own cup at the end.

    so if minore can do what breville did but steam milk faster and last for long time without major faults i don't mind its ugly looks.

    then on top of that, tank model with vibration pump and plumbed model with rotary pump? other then spending another $400 how much hassle is to plumb one in? i would have to drill in metal sink two holes, then with connections, can the waste be connected to dishwasher nipple or something else?
    also how would i go about hole for both hoses entering sink? I would prefer to have something screwed that the two hoses are plug/screw in instead of just going in a hole
    can't seem to find any photos showing such install.

    other than convenience of being plumbed and less noise from the pump is there any other disadvantage of going for the tank model with vibration pump?

    or i'm open for any other suggestions in same price range.


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    Hi Croc,

    I have a Minore like you are asking about. I have had mine for 5 years and i am happy to say not one problem... I will say again not one problem or issue. At the time it was the price i was willing to spend and no more, I look at some other machines that cost more and some of them looked nicer and may do a little more than the Expobar but the experience i have had with mind i cannot fault it.
    I personally like the look of it, I also like how it runs.

    Like any machine if you look after it and service it when it needs it you are going to have a greater chance of it lasting 5-7 or even 10 plus years..




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      you got the plumbed in version with rotary pump? I noticed on some videos it is still quite noisy, could be the camera just distorting the real volume ?

      also anyone got idea how many latte coffees you get out of full tank of water if i go for the standard version?


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        They arnt that noisy in my opinion. I rekon i get about 10 to 12 coffees before needing to fill it. I will say it takes all of less than a min to fill it.


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          i must be going nuts, was sure i made post here last night, i guess i hit wrong button :O
          so anyway, got the minore iv-r with rotary pump and looking for few things to go with it.
          adjustable pressure regulator so i can set it to 20-30psi instead of the typical 350kpa which is almost twice what the rotary pumps are asking for on input, i understand it only lowers risk of leaks but if there is anything available i figure why not...
          other thing i'm looking for it something to spice up the look of my setup with some wooden handles and knobs for the machine and portafilters, i remember seeing whole kit somewhere before but spent hours last night and could not find it again
          and would love some info on the pressure gauge on this machine and pressure adjustment on rotary, i figured so far that it isn't as simple as OPV adjustment with vibe pumps, atm with blind basket i'm see pressure rise up slowly to 12bar and during shots it shows about 8bar
          also is it worth the money to go for VST baskets (or something else is all the rage now?)
          any extra tips? let me hear it
          TIA all


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            no comments at all? *feels unloved*


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              Hey Croc,

              Wooden handles do look nice I agree. I'm not sure who does them but perhaps someone who does them or knows who does will chime in. Can't comment on the rotary pumps adjustment but I'm envious of the quietness of them vs the vibe. VST baskets always seem to be a hot discussion item and there's probably nothing wrong with them (I have the 15gm basket whilst my shots aren't always perfect it's most likely technique that lets me down). Some seem to take issue with their considerable price difference between other competing baskets and argue they are a lot less forgiving of technique than others. Another one to look out for/consider trying is the espresso parts baskets. Chris from Talk Coffee sells them and there may be others too. I've just purchased but not yet received a a 2 hole steam tip for my vibiemme domobar super to give it a try over the standard 4 hole tip. Hopefully that will improve the steaming consistency I lack. I've also bought a new one hole steam tip for my europiccola and that certainly was a game changer with a big improvement in quality and consistency. I cant comment specifically on the Expobar, but what I would say is try it first for a while and see how you go. There is going to be a learning curve while you get familiar with it - I'd see if you can master it first before buying a new tip.


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                Hey Croc,

                Why don't you pm Coffeesnob member dans1982. He is based in Melbourne and makes a lot of wooden bling to go on coffee machines. Also the Espresso Parts precision baskets from Talk Coffee are well worth a try. They are great value, and I found them to be significantly better than the standard baskets that came with my Rancilio Silvia.




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                  thanks for the info guys, will keep me busy for a while, still having trouble finding regulated valve for plumbing and as much as i like to support aussie shops i think with the regulator valve i might have to buy it over the internet from uk or usa, to make things worst, plumber i rang was 100% lost when i mentioned plumbed coffee machine and to be honest i hate them all with passion, every single "expert" plumber i ever had called in for work in past left me with badly done job and leaks, maybe one day i meet one that will do a good job but so far ball is in their corner to try and convince me that they are not all useless idiots