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Nuova Simonelli Musica or Breville Oracle 980 for complete beginner

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  • Nuova Simonelli Musica or Breville Oracle 980 for complete beginner

    Hi there,

    I have been doing some research on various machines over the last few weeks and trying to find a machine that will fit my needs below the $2250 mark. I am a complete beginner when it comes to making Coffee, so that is why the Breville appeals, due to its automatic functions. The thing is, I have the opportunity to purchase a brand new Nuova Simonelli Musica for less than the Breville, so the question is, would I better making the investment in this, or will it take me forever to learn how to use it properly?

    Any advice or pro's and cons would be greatly appreciated, as I can't believe I am even contemplating spending this kind of money in the first place, so I don't want to have any regrets.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Perhaps, you should consider the machine you would like to be using once you do have the experience. Will you be making primarily milk-based coffee drinks or coffee only? I would not be too concerned about the automatic features . You will quickly learn when to cut a shot and then have no use for the automatic features. For this reason, most prosumer machines use the e61 group. There are several HX machines with the e61 group in your price range that may be a better investment for the long term.


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      Many thanks sam678. It would be for milk based drinks only. I would be keen to learn and for that reason, I am veering away from the Breville (unless I go for the 9200).

      Could someone give me examples of e61 HX machines, or point me in the right direction as to where to research.

      Thanks again.


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        Welcome "Wokster"...

        What's your location mate?
        Will be easier to direct you to where you may be able to get some hands-on experience with a range of demo machines.
        Also, does your budget include the purchase of a decent grinder? Otherwise, what ever you spend on an espresso machine will be wasted...



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          The site sponsors would be a good place to start your research. The Heat Exchanger (HX) machines are listed on their webpages.

          As Mal, has mentioned a good grinder is just as important as the espresso machine itself. You may have to stretch your budget to include a grinder or look at used or demo machines. The marketplace on this site is a good place to look once you understand what you are after.

          It's important to keep it simple. Don't be swayed by wiz-bang technology, you don't need it.



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            Not only don't you need the wiz-bang technology, but I think it gets in the way of becoming a better barista and producing better coffee. Get a machine and grinder based on criteria that matter to you (budget, features, build quality, aesthetics etc) and get some training. This will be a better foundation for your coffee journey than relying on a machine to (try) to do it for you.

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              If you are in Melbourne we have a Musica demo on our bench that you are more then welcome to have a play with.
              We also have other HX and E61 machines.
              Drop us a line

              Casa Espresso
              03 9530 8992


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                Thanks Guys. I am in Perth. I noticed that Myer had a 25% sale on which ended last night, so I bought the Breville 920 and it included a free gift of the Breville 820 Smartblender pro all in for $1,360. I may end up regretting it, as it was impulsive due to the $500 saving, but I thought it would save me around $1k on my initial budget and if I got the hang of it, I could invest in a better machine down the line.


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                  You won't regret it - it'll just be less time until you feel the urge of upgrade-itis that everyone around here seems to have The sooner you upgrade the more expensive a learning process it'll have been, but if you think you've moved beyond it and can sell within its warranty period to upgrade, you'll be laughing.

                  Also check out all the comments about managing Perth water, seems to be quite a killer of coffee machines.


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                    Thank you readerall. I am looking forward to trying it out.