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  • Grimac Mia Manual

    Does anybody have a manual for this machine?

    I want to know how to extend the shot times
    Thanks Mick

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    well....if its "the usual" configuration touch pad, press the STAR button until all the LED lights on all the touch buttons light up. Then press the button you want to programme, which will start to flow. When you have reached the point where you want to stop the flow, press the same button again. The brain will memorise that volume. If you want to change it, do it again.

    Once you have entered programming mode, if within 5 seconds you haven't select a button to programme (per above), the brain will drop out of programming mode. So you then have to start again.

    As you programme each button, the LED for that button will no longer be on. ie, any buttons with leds still on, haven't been programmed. That's ok, because you may not want to do them all. Also if you want to reprogramme a button that has already been done (and the led light is out), just do it again.

    When you have finished, switch the machine off at the main switch, and then switch back on.,

    Jobs done.

    Note my opening line...if its "the usual" configuration touch pad...

    By the way if you don't know how much water will remain in the puck, it is better to programme with grinds in the group handle.....otherwise if you just programme water, when you mnake coffee it may still need reprogramming.

    The owner booklet would tell you precious little else so if this works you don't need one any more

    Hope that helps.


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      Thanks TOK,

      That is what exactly I needed I have the usual configuration

      I will try tomorrow
      Yep I have had no luck with the manual.