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E61 Gone weird? Any ideas?

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  • E61 Gone weird? Any ideas?

    Hi bean brethren,
    I have an Isomac Tea, giving me an unusual symptom.

    It is making great shots as usual, but I've noticed that at the end of the shot when I return the lever to the down position, the exhaust flush into the drip tray is weak.
    -same thing happens on blind filter back flush.
    When I do a detergent back flush it seems a little better.

    That's no big deal BUT, when I'm making a coffee, I make the shot, push the lever down (cut the shot), but then when I go to take the handle out.. SPURT! Water pressure that should have exhausted down into the tray, but is still on top of the puck in the group handle sprays grinds around the place.

    Messy and it never used to do this.

    Any ideas?

    Regularly back flushed daily with water, and weekly with cafetto.
    E61 lubed and nice smooth action.

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    A buggered or blocked 3-way solenoid by the sound of it Pete. Hopefully an easy fix.


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      E-61 Groups don't have solenoid valves. The exhaust valve is built into the group and operated mechanically when the lever is returned to the Off position.

      I'd suggest that the Group needs a full service. You can do it yourself or better yet, locate a reputable specialist service agent to give the whole machine a full service and going over...



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        I agree with Mal. I had the same thing on my Giotto and the discharge improved greatly when I had the group serviced professionally. That service included having to replace a couple of valves. Mine was done by Jetblack in Frenchs Forest.


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          I had a similar thing on mine. There's a brass cam that had worn so that the pressure ended up venting back into the thermosyphon before the waste gate [emoji3] opened properly. So yes - group service ahead.


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            Thanks guys, closer inspection revealed the thread had gone on the infusion valve that contacts the lever cam. Easy fix!