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NS Musica: plumbing drip tray to waste

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  • NS Musica: plumbing drip tray to waste

    Good morning, all.

    Long time listener, first time caller :-)

    I've just pulled the trigger on a Nuova Simonelli Musica to replace my Breville Dual Boiler (short story: 3 year old machine, more and more problems in the last 6 months and I don't want to repair it anymore). I've opted for the direct-plumbed version and have also ordered a Brita C-150 to sit inline and protect my new purchase from the tyranny of Adelaide water.

    From what I can tell, the tray itself doesn't come ready to do that out of the box and might need a bit of home engineering to create a solution. I've got a spigot on the sink trap to attach to (i.e., like for a dishwasher) and intend to run a hose from the bottom of the drip tray to there.

    Has anyone had much success plumbing the drip tray into the waste? How have you gone about it?


    — andrew

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    I am considering doing the same thing to the Oscar at the office. Very keen to hear the responses.


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      Well, this endeavour got out of hand quickly!

      Turns out that plumbed Musicas aren't being imported anymore, so I couldn't run with my initial plan.

      After a lot of research and visiting a couple of stores looking at various machines, I walked out with a Profitec Pro 700 — slightly different than the initial plan!

      Absolutely stoked with it, but I won't now be finding out about the Musica and plumbing waste.