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  • Technika or Mechanika IV

    Hi all,

    Just starting to do some research into a new machine to upgrade from my Sunbeam appliance. I have been looking at the Lelit models but to be honest I think I'll bite the bullet and go for the pointy end machine.

    What I am seriously considering is the ECM either Technika or Mechanika. What I would like to ask is the Profi in each model, what is the only difference in the machines please? Is it just the levers vs knobs?

    Is the Technika an older model ..... comparing the levers or knobs which is the better option generally.

    Also who sells these machines in Qld please so I can have a look at one be purchasing.

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    I've got a technika profi. My understanding is the only difference to a mechanika is the different cup holder and
    the profi does just signify levers rather than knobs. At least a couple of sponsors sell them and can ship and could confirm the differences.
    Each to their own I guess but I personally find the levers easy and you can turn off with your elbow if your hands are full.


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      Hey Mate,

      If you got those screen shots from the ECM website, head back there, and you'll see a red box that says 'more information' - click Technical Data and it'll go part of the way of explaining the differences between the machines. Australian models may be slightly different - I'm not sure.

      I'm interested in one of these machines as well.

      Site sponsor Silipo Coffee has ECM machines on their website - worth contacting them to find out if they have any in the shop or not for you to look at. Also, if you're pretty much sold on these machines anyway.. some of the site sponsors have some pretty excellent deals incl. free shipping right now. Might be worth contacting them all through the Quote Form link above.

      From what I understand, the Technika and Mechanika are essentially the same under the hood, so the differences are mostly to do with the externals. The Technika has the solid cup tray edges, where's the Mechanika has the railing instead. Also the Technika has a little flip lid for easy access to the water reservoir, where's on the Mechanika you need to take the cup warmer off to access the reservoir.

      The Profi variant is the levers rather than the knobs, but in my searching around the net, the Mechanika Profi doesn't seem commonly available (if listed, it's out of stock), so mostly what I've seen is Mechanika IV (knobs) and Technika (or just 'T') IV Profi (levers).

      I haven't yet determined what the boiler material is (SS or Copper) - but given I haven't asked anyone yet, that's fair enough! There seems to be variants in the details on the ECM webpage, but I wouldn't be surprised if the machines available in Australia all share the same boiler type.

      Happy to answer any other questions from my own prior research, but you're probably better waiting for Jetblack Espresso, Silipo or Di Bartoli coming along and talking you through the options.




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        You also have the vibratory or rotary pump options to consider - Charlie (Jet Black) is quoted recently to say he preferred pulling shots on the vibratory if it's not plumbed. Rotary gives you that option of plumbing the thing in to your house. But it's switchable, so if you get one that has plumbing option, you can also run it from tank.

        Despite all the discussion here and there around the net about pump options, it seems to just come down to what people are used to/happy to work with/intending to plumb or not _as opposed to_ being 'better' or 'worse'. But given I don't have experience on these machines, I don't yet have an opinion. I will probably end up going rotary so I have the option of plumbing later.


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          Thank you for the replies I'll shoot back onto the ECM site for some more info then. Having the Vibe option would be fine, not looking at plumbing in. As for water in the EMC's do they have any sort of de calc filter in them. If not what is the preferred water to use? Filtered or bottled water? Not real keen on using tap water.


          Found more info:

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            You'll need some sort of external water solution, nothing built into it as far as I know. You're better off to pop in a dual inline filter system into your water than to go with bottled water. However that's just IMO.


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              Thanks for the replies, I'm getting closer to my decision on the new machine but a couple of things I'd like to know. The basket size on the ECM Mech Profi for one. What size tamper best fits these ECM baskets as I'll probably get one at the same time as my purchase.

              I was looking at a few water filter options and I'm considering the smaller C50 Brita Unit ..... I'm not a high volume user and was thinking this might serve my needs. I purchased a water test kit from a Site Sponsor and the TDS came in at 187 and based on the test strips the hardness colour looked pretty close to the the 50 mark. Not sure what the bypass setting the C50 would need but I'm sure I can find that out from the sponsor also at purchase time.

              Appreciate your thoughts


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                58.3 is a good fit. If you have the space for a C150 get that because it will last 3x volume compared to the C50,



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                  Thanks to all for your assistance, and Charlie and the team at Jetblack for getting me setup .... I'm looking forward to pulling a few shots soon.

                  Regards .... Dean


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                    Shots from what, Dean?

                    On the iphone which is not loading OK. LOL. Cant read your final choice.


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                      My bad sorry I went for the ECM T IV Profi and the Mahlkonig Vario Home due to space on the kitchen bench top. My first serious machine so looking forward to learning all about it. Hope to have the filtration setup before it arrives !!
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                        Thanks ... arrived safe

                        Hi all .. well the new ECM/Grinder arrived safe late this afternoon (Fri) ..... the joy of unboxing new toys!!. Anyway thanks to the team at Jetblack Espresso. Well packaged with lots of reading material over the weekend. Will update on my progress when I get back from my trip on Sunday.