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Thoughts on a BEZZERA 2 GROUP COMPACT C2013

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  • Thoughts on a BEZZERA 2 GROUP COMPACT C2013

    I'm looking at purchasing this machine (new) and was hoping to get some informed thoughts on it.

    The machine will be used at school functions like sports days etc, therefore it would only be used a dozen or so times a year, however there will be times when they will be queuing so I need one that can pump out some volume when required without failing. I'm looking at something compact due to it needing to be completely set up each time. I'd also appreciate any thoughts on a suitable grinder under the $1k mark.

    I'm a home barista running an Expobar Minore IV and Vario grinder, which I've had for about three years. That's about the extent of my knowledge with machines, so I'd appreciate any ideas on what gear I should look at using for the school gig. I'm funding it so I'd like to keep the costs at sub $5k if possible, which will be difficult with the Bezzera @ $4,450