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Ecm coffee machine choice for a newbie

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  • Ecm coffee machine choice for a newbie

    Hey, I'm new to buying a coffee machine looking to upgrade from a breville.
    i can buy ecm locally and will most likely go this brand. Been looking at the classika ii with or without pid.
    i make around 2 coffees a day milk based is it worth spending more money to get the technika or mechanika? I also looked in the the rocket premium v3 because it looks awesome!
    Lim not looking to plumb it in or anything. Don't really want to have to wait a long time for heat up.

    Any my info is greatly appreciated

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    Hi Maclovin14,

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs! Like you I tend to make 2 milk based coffees a day on my single boiler Rancilio Silvia, which I find even for that low number that it gets tedious waiting for the steam to build up. As soon as i have guests over it gets even worse. So i would recommend looking at a heat exchanger machine, if you feel you're going to be in the same situation. This allows you to draw espresso, and steam milk at the same time. I'm keen on upgrading to the Rocket Giotto as well.

    Cheers, Dave
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      If you are making milk based drinks, the short answer is yes, it is worth the extra money to get the ECM Technika or Mechanika.

      The long answer is you will otherwise be waiting between pulling shots and switching to steam to heat and foam your milk.

      All these machines will need at least 20 minutes to warm up. Just factor that into your coffee ritual.




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        Or put it on a timer switch to come online 30 minutes before you get up.


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 an Ambient Espresso Vesuvius with 2 x programmable on/off per day and forget about the timer


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            OP is after a coffee machine, not a computer


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              Originally posted by herzog View Post
              OP is after a coffee machine, not a computer
              Someday, if you are really lucky, you might get to actually use a Vesuvius. I'd reckon your opinion may well change then.