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    I thought it might be useful to give some feedback on my process of choosing a machine for good coffee.
    Our kitchen is not huge and I was considering buying a Vibiemme Domobar Junior as recommended by Chris at Talk Coffee but in the end the looks and reputation of the Rocket Giotto Evolution won me over.
    I already had a reasonable grinder, a Mazzer Mini Manual with new burrs so there would no longer be an excuse for poor quality coffee!
    I purchased the Rocket from Talk Coffee and it arrived beautifully packaged on its very own (from Victoria to Tasmania) and was easy to setup. It was also more compact on the kitchen bench than I had expected, having already cut out pieces of correctly sized paper to indicate how much space the machine would occupy before choosing. So the "boss" was still happy
    I am still learning how to run the Rocket and probably always will be learning but the results overall are pretty damn good so I am a happy owner.
    And it looks ooooh so sexy in the kitchen

    Time for a coffee?

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    Aye, that be a sexy machine for any kitchen.

    Thanks for the review. Most helpful.

    I do like how Talk Coffee say on their site the machine could be "powdered coloured" as well.

    Red could be darn sexy and devilish too on such a baby.

    Welcome to CS and to many years of great coffee from your machine.


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      Thanks GreenBean


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        The Giotto truly is a stunning looking machine, I was so torn between it and the Alex


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          Looks brilliant Geoff.

          Congrats and I thank you for choosing us. Your support is greatly appreciated!


          P.S: Powdercoat- yes- can do. We're doing a black Giotto Plus V3 this week :-)


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            Well for some reason my image link disappeared so here it is again, hopefully permanently

            [IMG]Coffee Time by Geoff Murray, on Flickr[/IMG]


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              The only link that disappeared was the one that supposed to show how your machine was shipped. It disappeared as it was a link that took you nowhere and only extended the page load time. The links to the pics in the above post were left untouched and are still there and displaying properly in the first post.

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                Thanks Javaphile. I am seeing a broken image link in the first post, not sure why. Maybe it's just me