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New Sunbeam Torino triple thermoblock

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  • New Sunbeam Torino triple thermoblock

    I've been looking for an alternative to the Breville Dual Boiler for some time and was hoping that Sunbeam was going to come out with something and it looks like I've not been disappointed.

    It's called the Torino and on the face of it, it certainly looks to be an excellent machine.

    Heavy on the Italian styling with a manual E61 styled group head. It's not actually an E61 as in the photo you can see the standard Sunbeam collar poking out from underneath but it looks the part and the lever appears to be functional.
    How the lever integrates with the standard 1 and 2 cup programmable buttons I'm not sure. Perhaps the lever is for manual control and the buttons override it.
    This would indicate that the lever is not operating any kind of cam or valves but is most likely just moving a spring and a switch.
    Still a cool feature.

    Sunbeam are sticking with thermoblock technology as it has served them well over the years. This machine has 3 thermoblocks. One for brew, one for steam and one for hot water I assume. Hopefully the hot water thermoblock can be utilised in the steam circuit to provide more powerful steam which has always been a downside of the thermoblock system.

    Also inside is PID temperature control, an LCD display with a shot clock and a proper brew pressure gauge, a definite improvement over the electronic gauges in the EM7000.

    The grinder, whilst lacking on specification at this time, looks impressive.
    The only specs I have are that it is belt driven and has LED lighting. I assume it utilises the same burrs and burr carriers as the EM0500 however if they've upgraded them to something a bit more solid and reliable that can only be an improvement.

    RRP is $2000 and they're due in stores late October/early November. I will probably get one and do a tear down to answer some questions.

    Click image for larger version

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    Hmmmm. Interesting.


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      Thanks Noidle - interesting.

      I assume the $2k RRP is without the grinder? I'm sure it will be available for much less than $2k but you would think even a $1.5k thermoblock machine is going to struggle to get much market share?
      I'm not knocking thermoblock technology per se but you know what 'snobs are like.
      Maybe they're not meant to sell in big volumes but to give some referred further credibility to the EM7000?


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        Looks interesting and nicer than the Breville. I will be interested how the thermoblocks perform against the breville and similar priced Italian machines.

        A few styling features, mainly the gauge and digital display (lcd replicating pressure dial for symmetry) remind me of my Faema Carisma S1.


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          Originally posted by WantRancilio10 View Post
          I assume the $2k RRP is without the grinder? I'm sure it will be available for much less than $2k but you would think even a $1.5k thermoblock machine is going to struggle to get much market share?
          $2000 is for the bundle. The bundle model number is PU8000, the machine will most likely be model no. EM8000. There isn't a retail price listed for just the machine at this time.
          The pricing that I have been given, as a service agent, is around the $1.5k mark which puts it right with the Dual Boiler.

          The EM7000 went down in price rapidly at retailers, much faster than the EM6910 did, so the same thing may happen with this machine. The reputation of the Dual Boiler is good so Sunbeam may have to drop prices to get sales over it.


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            I would hope that one of those 3 Thermoblocks is "embedded" in that group head and controlled by the PID


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              From the looks of it, the grinder might be just a slimmed down version of their precision coffee grinder - or maybe between the Cafe Series and the Precision?


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                Not sure, it's more or less the same as the Precision except with a different colour scheme.
                That may well be the only significant difference.


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                  This machine is now out in the wild, has anyone got their hands on one yet?


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                    New Sunbeam Torino triple thermoblock

                    I just had a read of the manual. Looks like it's doing timed volumetric via control buttons, or manual via an e61esque lever. Odd but strangely nice. 11 bar being labelled as ideal brewing pressure though isn't all that nice to see in their diagrams... Curious cleaning cycle too. Fully automatic. Once every 3 months..


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                      They must teach bad habits to create break downs which lead to nasty surprises when out of warranty, which lead to more sales.

                      Or they just don't know any better?


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                        I'm either buying one of these or a postie bike, at the moment i'm going for the bike.
                        Might wait a bit until the price comes down and see what Sunbeam can do for me.

                        I have asked to be sent the technical detail once the design and engineer side of Sunbeam release it to the Sunbeam service side. This should answer some questions about how much has really changed internally from the EM7000.

                        Edit: Just perused the manual, I particularly liked the quote:

                        "Brass collar is durable and ideal for frequent use."

                        Yeah i bet........
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                          Anyone seen the machine for sale without grinder? If so how much $ was it?


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                            I'm curious where they've put the 3rd thermoblock, whether it's for the steam or the brew, or if it's in line with both.

                            Also it says 'stainless steel and cast metal' so I reckon it's still mostly aluminium.


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                              Originally posted by noidle22 View Post
                              I'm either buying one of these or a postie bike
                              Where does the portafilter go on a postie bike? Dual boiler or HX postie?