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Compact options, replace/upgrade Breville Dual Bolier

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  • Compact options, replace/upgrade Breville Dual Bolier

    I'm in the market after the death of my BDB for a compact machine to provide a couple of flat whites weekdays and a slightly heavier workload on weekends including some milk frothing for non caffeinated beverages for kids/family.

    There is a constraint on machine size from my wife, who prefers me to keep my untidy coffee habit to a constrained bench surface 420mm deep (which can be concealed behind some sort of kitchen grade roller door - don't ask).

    I did want to move on from the throwaway appliance to something more substantial with a degree of reliability. I have friends with HX machines from ECM but I'm not going to fit that into my space.

    So I've started a short list sadly based on their dimensions rather than on other attributes:

    Lelit pl60v2 which I can see working best in the space, and which is as I understand it also a dual boiler machine
    Leliit Mara
    VBM Domobar Junior
    Diadema Junior Plus

    I live in Brisbane and made email contact with the good people at Nelicoffee. They historically have carried lelit but they don't have a PL60 v2 in stock and have suggested as a reasonable alternative and with my milk habit a good hx machine (ECM barista, profitec 500). Those are not going to fit in my space but I can find HX machines as above that will - I think!

    My preference though remains the Lelit pl60 v2, but I'm not going to be able to get hands on before committing.

    Am I making sacrifices by choosing the lelit dual boiler over the e61 hx machines in my shortlist and will it adequately meet my needs?

    I'm might have to pair it up with a new grinder - I can only drag out my use of a sunbeam em0480 so long - and would like to squeeze my purchases under $2500.

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    Hi vidiot,

    By the nature of the e61 design it looks unlikely that you would get a machine that fits your depth requirements. As an alternative to the Lelit machine maybe take a look at the Bezzera BZ99 hx machine on the Jet Black Espresso site. I think it would just scrape in to your space requirements.

    Cheers, Dave


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      G'day mate...

      All the machines you have listed (and a few others you haven't) are great machines in their own right and will fit within your constrained space. In terms of build quality, the Diadema probably just squeaks ahead of the VBM and then the Lelit just behind that. There's not much in it though...

      If you opted for the Bezzera that Dave mentions, that would leave you with enough to grab a Macap M2M grinder as part of the package and if you could avail yourself of one of our Site Sponsors, you may be able to get quite a good deal for a "package' buy. Worth asking anyway...



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        +1 for Mal's advice.
        The rock solid Bezzera might not have the good looks of some E61s, but it still looks ok, and behind a roller door who cares anyway.


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          Thanks everyone, that is very useful. Had looked at Bezzera though a friend had repeated problems (said the service was great but it was back for repairs more often than he thought was appropriate). It doesn't seem any cheaper than the others so it didn't make my list.


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            That's a very unusual thing for a Bezzera machine... Did he buy it new? If so, he was terribly unlucky and I can only imagine that it would have been an easy fix for someone with the appropriate knowledge and qualifications....