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Looking to upgrade from Silva.

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  • Looking to upgrade from Silva.

    Hi guys,

    I am loving this forum. Learning lots and using all the sponsers for sure..
    So I am running into some cash soon and am investigating the possibility of upgrading from my Rancilio Silva to dual boiler or HX machine.
    Is the jump under $2000 and is the difference in quality noticeable (assuming fresh beans and good techniques)?

    I am getting decent shots from the rancilio however always wanted to be able to pull shots and texture milk at the same time especially for entertaining.

    Looking into this model atm Vibiemme Domobar Junior | Talk Coffee

    Vibiemme Domobar Junior

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    Recently did the same thing. Make sure you have a good grinder. I can recommend the compak k3. I went with a heat exchanger bezzera off this site as the price was right. You will notice a huge difference in usability from any of the heat exchange machines. My coffee has improved only slightly. I upgraded for the same reasons. I often have people over and need to make several coffees. The ability to make coffee and steam is great but in reality i usually watch the pouring coffee and then steam. Often really good buys in the second hand section on here. I have bought both my machines from here. Happy hunting


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      cheers I wanted to get the compak k3 but ended up finding a cheap macam m2m


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        Hi Cmars9,
        How long have you had the Silvia?

        I started my coffee journey with a Silvia, but upgraded to an ECM Giotto a few years back.

        I've seen a few of them second hand for a good price, I purchased mine from a CSer who had moved over seas.

        I can recommend the HX set up, it's great to use, reasonably easy to fix and reliable.


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          How much am i looking for 2nd hand?


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            Originally posted by Cmars9 View Post
            How much am i looking for 2nd hand?
            $1200 to $1500


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              Got mine for 1500, but have seen them lower